AGC Computers To Release Innovative Line Of Performance Desktops

AGC computers released the first specs on their stylish high performance gaming desktops. Dubbed 'X-Ray', the new line of PC's meet super low price points with superior performance.

AGC Computers, a leader in performance and gaming computers, unveiled their 'X-Ray' line of PC's. Their new line hits unprecedented low price points while maintaining high end performance for applications ranging from multitasking to hardcore 3d gaming. The new line's most notable feature is the wildly styled transparent case and interior which is filled with blue LED lights and reflective UV surfaces. The futuristic design gives owners the ability to see the inside workings of their computer as well as the ability to show off their new cool looking electronic.

AGC didn't only create a gaming computer that looks cool, they created an entire line of computers which perform surprisingly good. Packed with high end components from top manufacturers, X-Ray PC's kick out a great high definition gaming experience with game setting maxed out on most models.

Buyers looking for a performance desktop will be happy to see the X-Ray PC's coming in under $1,000, while maintaining the high performance that customer have come to expect from the company.

AGC Computers