Aflac: How People Can Get Life Insurance Quotes Online

Aflac: When looking for a life insurance policy, one thing to consider is the cost. Many insurance companies offer quotes to help customers decide on the best policy. In today's digital age, customers can now get easy access to life insurance quotes online. But before looking for quotes, it's important to know how they work and what factors can affect them.

How life insurance quotes work

A life insurance quote is the estimated monthly cost for a policy. Insurers will offer quotes for different types of policies, like term life insurance and whole life insurance. The quote amount will vary based on factors related to the customer and the type of policy being pursued.

Factors that affect quotes

Here are some factors relating to the applicant that can affect the life insurance quotes they receive:

  • Age: This is one of the biggest factors affecting quotes. Applicants who are younger typically qualify for lower premiums than those who are older.
  • Health: Insurance companies typically use their own height and weight charts to determine how healthy an applicant is. They also review medical history and family history. Applicants who are in the best health and who are less likely to develop a serious condition usually get lower premiums.
  • Smoking: Smokers can pay much more for life insurance than nonsmokers. Activities that count as smoking include cigarette smoking, vaping, and chewing tobacco.
  • Gender: Premiums can be lower or higher based on gender. Men often pay higher life insurance rates than women due to having a shorter average life expectancy.
  • Occupation and hobbies: Those who work in high-risk jobs or engage in high-risk activities may end up paying more in premiums for their policy.
  • Other factors: Insurance companies also take into account factors such as an applicant's financial history, driving records, criminal background, and history of foreign travel.

Beyond applicant information, life insurance quotes will vary based on policy type, the amount and length of the policy, and insurance riders. For instance, whole life insurance policies cost more than term life policies because they offer lifelong coverage. Policies that are longer and have a higher amount of coverage or feature insurance riders will also typically come with higher premiums.

How to get quotes online

Shoppers can go to a life insurance company's website, submit personal information, and usually receive a quote instantly. There are also websites that provide people with quotes from multiple insurers based on the information they provide. Some of the information that companies may request include age, gender, location, history of nicotine or tobacco use, and marital status. Getting a life insurance quote online takes only a few minutes of a shopper's time. It's important for people to get multiple quotes in order to decide on the best life insurance policy for their coverage needs and budget.

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Aflac Inc. is an American insurance company and is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States. Aflac offers voluntary insurance or an optional layer of financial protection.

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About Aflac

Aflac Inc. is an American insurance company and is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States. Aflac offers voluntary insurance, or an optional layer of financial protection.


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