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​​​​The global fashion industry is predominantly ruled by fast-fashions, mass disposables, and luxury labels. Over the past three decades, the growth of these trends has created a culture of “Buy and Dispose” as the prices of clothing decreases and consumer preferences change faster with the internet. This has resulted in textile waste becoming the number two pollutant in the world after oil.

AFAB is on a mission to democratize the global fashion industry with#WEARWHATSFAIR, a mission to foster responsible fashion-shopping and a new platform for emerging fashion designers to thrive in the digital age. The main goal of the open platform is to lend support and bring awareness to emerging designers who are changing the game with their limitless creativity and talent, as well as to help fashion-loving consumers build their wardrobes with sustainable and flattering garments.

In collaboration with the Council of ASEAN Fashion Designers (CAFD), AFAB is able to onboard creative talents from all 10 countries in Southeast Asia. AFAB has chosen Southeast Asia to begin onboarding, opening up a global window to emerging talents because these countries have unique cultures and multi-ethnic identities to incorporate into contemporary fashions for urban society. As the platform grows, AFAB will extend their efforts to designers and celebrities all over the world, creating a global marketplace of fashion-forward thinkers, designers, and appreciators all coming together to promote sustainability and original designs.

Helping Up-and-Coming Designers Shine

AFAB Asia was created with Southeast Asia’s up-and-coming designers in mind. In addition to celebrating local designers who create fashion with a global impact, the platform will also support consumers who are looking for more progressive and eco-friendly garment options.

Style and fit are key to appreciating new designs and enhancing the overall look and image of a piece of clothing. That’s why AFAB includes the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) app for tailor-made authentic designer wear, which can be used anywhere and everywhere to help consumers find their best fit. Each shopper can also work with their own AFAB virtual stylist to discover stunning new additions to their wardrobe. With a focus on the niche market of urban fashion lovers who champion style, fit, quality, and individuality, AFAB exclusive fashion collections are all pre-order, tailor-made, designer ready-to-wear. Tailor-made is a major contributor to the no-waste movement, as there is no holding inventory.

On AFAB’s B2B marketplace, designers can collaborate with popular celebrities who appreciate their work to create Private Collections while supporting the reduction of textile waste. Making a Difference, One Designer at a Time AFAB plans to be a self-contained fashion lifestyle ecosystem dedicated to creating a  fashionable lifestyle for responsible fashion lovers all around the world. Follow along as AFAB introduces new designers and new opportunities for growth and sustainability.

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