Aeropuertos De Honduras Transformed, Fulfilled and Exceeded the Concession Contract Investments

From the year 2000 to 2020, it has transferred more than 3,814 million Lempiras to the Honduran government as a canon.

​​Tegucigalpa, Aeropuertos de Honduras presents the report of its management as the Concessionaire of the 4 international airports, the amount in investments made during its management is 1,650 million Lempiras, of which 727.5 million lempiras are outside the contractual clauses.

The Concessionaire, exceeded its goals, fully complying with the clauses established in the National Congress approved contract, regarding works, maintenance and remodeling, among others, as well as additional works carried out in each of the airports and verified by the Superintendency of Concessions.

Approved in the year 2000, the concession of the 4 air terminals has become a successful model by ensuring: greater investments in the sector, increased airline operations, doubling the number of passengers and above all increasing tax revenues.

Aeropuertos de Honduras, concessionaire of the service since the year 2003, reports the payment of more than 3,814 million lempiras in concept of canon resulting from the canon established in the contract, in addition to the payment of taxes on sales, income, municipal taxes and security fee. The total investments between the payment of the canon and the payment of taxes amount to 6,120 million Lempiras.

Edgardo Maradiaga, Manager of Aeropuertos de Honduras, stated that "the payment of the concession fee is a responsibility of the concessionaire with the State of Honduras, and its compliance in a timely manner contributes, from the private initiative, to the development of Honduras".

During the administration of Aeropuertos de Honduras, the number of airlines registered was doubled from nine in 2000 to 18 in 2020, as well as the number of travelers using the 4 air terminals from 1.1 millions in the years 2000-2003, to an average of 2.4 millions in the last two years.


"We leave airports certified in quality management with the ISO 9001-20015 standard, in environmental management and the Aerodrome certification for the Juan Manuel Gálvez in Roatán and Ramón Villeda Morales in San Pedro Sula Airports," said Edgardo Maradiaga General Manager of Aeropuertos de Honduras.

Michael Wehmeyer, representative of the Honduran Airline Association, said that "in terms of operations, having certified airports allows us to have better costs, it directly influences the operating insurance that we have as airlines, obviously this creates more confidence in our mainoffices and thus can by detecting demand to have more weekly operation and obtain greater connectivity with Honduras."

International Recognitions

During the concession, Aeropuertos de Honduras has received several international recognitions on customer service issues from renowned institutions such as Airport Service Quality (ASQ) and the Airports Council International (ACI).

In the year 2018, where the Airports Council International (ACI) recognized Ramón Villeda Morales Airport as the "Best Airport in Latin America and the Caribbean" for the excellent scores obtained in the ASQ surveys.

Biosecurity Measures

Aeropuertos de Honduras made a biosafety protocol manual approved by the State in which the procedures used in each of the areas of the 4 international airports are established in order to reduce, minimize or eliminate contagion risk factors. Among the measures that are implemented at the time of entry to the terminals are taking the temperature, disinfection of hands and feet, footprints so that passengers have distance and sterilization in all areas, among other actions.

The investments made in biosecurity issues are about about 5 million Lempiras, providing hygiene assistance to our passengers, strongly urging everyone to follow the instructions and best practices to prevent the spread of germs.

Source: Aeropuertos de Honduras