Advocates Call on State Leaders to Prepare for Billions in Digital Equity Funding During Alliant Day of Action

Thousands expected to participate in credit union's nationwide day of email activism in preparation for $65 billion in state funding.

Alliant Credit Union, a national digital financial institution with a social mission to bridge the digital divide and create equitable digital access for all, is calling on elected leaders to prioritize digital inclusion work and prepare for unprecedented digital equity funding during the Alliant Day of Action on July 20. 

As states prepare for $65 billion in digital equity funding - the largest investment of broadband infrastructure and digital equity in history - many are scrambling to hire digital inclusion experts to properly allocate funds. This monumental funding comes from recent bipartisan support through the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act passed in November 2021. 

 "The digital divide impacts millions of people across the nation, from school children to job seekers and our neighbors in rural communities," said Meredith Ritchie, Alliant Foundation Board member and senior vice president general counsel and chief ethics and government affairs officer. "It's crucial that our states recognize this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and allocate this money strategically."

The digital divide encompasses more than computer access issues. Digital skills gaps impact 52 million adults nationwide and during the COVID-19 pandemic, 1 in 5 children were unable to complete their homework due to unreliable home internet access. Alliant is engaging their members, national digital inclusion partners, employees, community and credit union leaders to join them in a day of email activism. 

"We're giving them everything they need to make their voices heard," said Alliant social impact strategist Claire Hegstrom. "We have a prewritten email and the email addresses for policymakers across the country. We want to make it easy for people to engage in activism that can make an impact in their communities." 

The Alliant Day of Action builds on the financial institution's recent digital equity work. Alliant supports digital inclusion practitioners through national grants, and hosts digital device drives at their Chicago headquarters.

More information on the Alliant Day of Action for Digital Equity can be found on their Facebook event, where live updates will be posted throughout the day on July 20. 

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