Advocate by Pharma Supply, Inc. Introduces Cramp ER for the Treatment and Prevention of Cramps in the Legs and Calves

Cramp ER by Advocate: Natural Leg Cramp Cream

Advocate by Pharma Supply, Inc., the makers of the Redi-Code+ diabetes testing products, have introduced a powerful new solution to alleviate and prevent leg cramps: Cramp ER.

Cramp ER is a luxurious cream with potent natural ingredients that effectively combats and helps to prevent future cramping episodes. The central ingredient, Cinchona Bark Extract, is an all-natural remedy for muscle cramps, with a mild numbing effect. Cramp ER also has a number of other natural ingredients such as Eucalyptus Oil for it’s anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects and promotion of cell-mediated immune response, as well as Sweet Almond Oil for its richness in omega acids and Vitamin E.

Advocate sought to come up with a more natural approach to an ailment that is not just inconvenient, but also detrimental to sleep cycles and the overall feeling of wellbeing. Crafted with premium ingredients and pharmaceuticals, Cramp ER is the company’s solution to a growing problem with the aging population, as well as with athletic and active individuals.

Cramp ER is available now on the company’s website,, along with several other 
retailers and distributors.

Source: Advocate by Pharma Supply, Inc.

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