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Adventure Kings Green energy has become a recent highlight in modern cities, through high demand and increasing costs of non-renewables, energy providers worldwide have had to look at implementing large-scale green energy, to reduce emissions, and satisfy the demand of customers.

In recent years Photovoltaics (solar power panels) have advanced by leaps and bounds and have increased their potential efficiency by many factors and currently offer users a silent and cost-free raw energy source ready to go!

These dramatic advances in technology have spread through the whole community and now allow 4WDers, caravanners, and campers to have reliable and steady 12v power through camping solar panels to assist in topping up battery systems and running 12v accessories.

When coupled up with a reliable solar regulator to their camping solar panel, campers are afforded the ability to run accessories safely and smoothly without fear of power loss or long-term battery damage.

With the increase of affordable and extremely cost-effective solar power, many available 12v solar systems offer supplementary power for longer stays at camp.

With intense scientific research and some of the best development teams around, the best value solar power systems on offer are the Adventure Kings Range available from 4WD Supacentre.

Built using superior high quality monocrystalline photovoltaic cells, coupled with smart regulators a safe 12v output is always maintained.

The range offered by Adventure Kings starts with a simple 10W personal panel with a standard 5v USB charging output perfect for charging cameras smartphones and tablets on the tracks without draining your vehicle's batteries, perfect for social media lovers and bored kiddies.

The next Solar panel system on offer is the 110W Fixed panel system; this is a panel that gives you a choice between two different regulators, it includes mounting bracketry and hardware and can be fastened permanently to the roof of campers, 4WD’s, trailers, caravans or even boats and yachts.

With the choice of a PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) or the MPPT (Multi Point Power Tracking) 12v regulator you can choose the maximum potential possible, PWM is efficient at converting bright sunlight, while MPPT is more efficient in varying light conditions and cloudy light.

There are also 160w and 250W solar panels which come fitted with a clever PWM regulator these are solid panels set inside an aluminium frame and allow efficient and secure transportation and setup at camp.

And finally one of the best value solar panels on offer through the Adventure Kings rangethe 120W Solar Blanket. The 120W Solar Blanket is one of the most compact and portable panels on offer, as the output panel folds down to a tiny 400mm x 400mm package and includes a gigantic 4.4m extension cable with alligator clips and a PWM charge controller with voltage readouts on the integrated LCD display.

The biggest kicker with this compact and powerful panel system is it’s massive affordability compared with similar units sometimes ranging up to 10x more expensive.

The benefits to an Adventure Kings solar panel system are more than just the practicality of reliable 12v power anywhere you are set up, they are also some of the best priced camping solar panels available on the Australian market, making them unbeatable value for money.

Source: 4WD Supacentre


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