Advanced Network Devices and Audio Enhancement Partner to Enhance Mass Notification in K-12 School Districts

Advanced Network Devices (ANetD), the leading maker of IP devices for mass notification, and Audio Enhancement, the leading provider of voice amplification systems have integrated technologies to provide solutions that enhance school safety and student learning. With the integration, Audio Enhancement customers are able to streamline communications by leveraging ANetD's IP displays to capture the attention of students and staff with audible and visual messaging. Advanced Network Devices and Audio Enhancement are delivering an integrated solution for effective day-to-day and emergency communications and enhanced student comprehension and learning.

ANetD IP devices are easily configured through Audio Enhancement's EPIC System. Once configured, bell schedules, messages, visual messages, and emergency alerts can be set up through EPIC. More than ever, schools must prepare for emergency events by ensuring they can provide clear instructions and efficiently involve first responders. Installed throughout schools, ANetD IP displays effectively reach large audiences with multi-color text, graphics, and flashers that capture the attention of students and staff including those that are hearing or visually impaired. 

"Our IP displays have worked side-by-side with Audio Enhancement within classrooms around the country. It made sense for our companies to offer customers a fully integrated solution, leveraging each company's strengths. A teacher with an Audio Enhancement mic can easily trigger an alert that communicates through our displays or immediately initiates lockdown. This is a timesaver," said Abel Juarez, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ANetD.

Audio Enhancement's President & CEO Jeff Anderson added: "Audio Enhancement has long sought partners with the same commitment to improving the learning environment for students, faculty, and staff that we have had for more than 45 years. ANetD's IP endpoints and the ANetD team are a great complement to our EPIC platform, and together we can provide a fully integrated solution to the K-12 market that can impact educational outcomes daily. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to helping schools throughout the country." 

About Advanced Network Devices
As a leading maker of IP endpoints for mass notification, ANetD sets the standard for quality, reliability, and performance. Its devices are installed within a wide range of facilities, within K-12, higher-ed, healthcare, government, corporate, and industrial. ANetD is an engineering-centric company with more than 20 years of experience in audio and video technology related to networking, notification, and security. For more information, visit

About Audio Enhancement
Audio Enhancement has served the K-12 market exclusively for more than 45 years. Its mission is to create more effective schools through improving technology and the learning environment. The EPIC System is a foundational solution built specifically for Education. EPIC System provides an inside look into campuses leveraging an interactive platform accessible via a web browser and mobile app. Using EPIC System to intercom, page, and create customizable notifications/bells, faculty can make changes on the fly minimizing campus interruptions. For more information, visit

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About Advanced Network Devices

As a leading maker of IP endpoint devices for mass notification systems, Advanced Network Devices sets the standard for quality, reliability, and performance.

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