Adryenn Ashley, CEO of and Celebrated Blockchain Influencer, Joins Credify Advisory Board

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The team at Credify is pleased and excited to have award-winning, best-selling author and top social influencer Adryenn Ashley as the newest member of its Advisory Board. Given her proven history in helping companies with their online reputations as the founder of, Adryenn is extremely well-positioned to assist the company in its goal of combatting the pervasive fraud and distortions inherent to rate and review systems in the online marketplace.

Adryenn’s online presence has reached over 100,000,000 people, and she has a well-developed gift for identifying and solving social and business issues. The Credity team is pleased that she shares its passion to solve the online ratings and review crisis.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Adryenn join our Advisory Board. She brings with her a decade of impactful and real-world insights to our efforts to elevate reputation through the Credify protocol. Adryenn has been dedicated to helping small to medium businesses get the reputation they deserve. She consequently understands first-hand the limitations and centrally controlled nature of existing rate and review systems and Credify’s potential to disrupt this market. We look forward to working with Adryenn to shape the narrative, and to get the word out about this exciting new technology,” adds Credify’s co-founder and CEO, Dallas Johnston.

Adryenn has an exceptionally strong background in emerging technologies, and we are looking forward to her next book Minting the Future in which she covers the rise of blockchain and highlights related opportunities. In her last startup, she turned fan engagement into #SocialTV profits with CrowdedTV, the world’s first crowdfunding platform for nationally broadcast television shows. Utilizing CrowdedTV, her award-winning production company took their first show, Wake Up!, from idea to national broadcast television in just four months.

Adryenn shares, “For more than a decade I’ve been a thorn in Yelp’s side, calling them out on the way their algorithm unfairly punishes non-advertisers, as well as showcasing how unscrupulous businesses can unfairly torch their competitors’ reputations with little or no blowback. And while they’ve made concessions and improvements over the years, they have never made enough of a difference to prevent many honest businesses from being put out of business. Enter blockchain. Through digital ID which ensures that an actual customer is immutably and securely expressing their opinion on the trustworthiness of a business, we finally have an effective solution. Credify’s innovative platform rewards honest, legitimate opinions and can easily identify and punish abusers. No more can bots boost traffic and rankings to trick consumers. We know people will tell 1 or 2 people about a great experience, but 10 if it’s bad. Credify has at last created a system that incentivizes participants contributing to business reputations based on their great experiences, and not just the not so great ones. This is what businesses have been waiting for, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the team that will shepherd this new technology to America and to the world. It’s time that consumers have a meaningful way to share their opinions and be rewarded for their honesty, and for business owners to have a reputation they can count on. Now they do, with Credify.”

Credify warmly welcomes Adryenn to the team, and looks forward to a productive collaboration as we transform counterparty reputation systems through blockchain.

About Credify Inc.

Credify Inc. is a blockchain startup aiming to solve the hard problems presented by existing online reputation systems that are affecting $335B worth of e-commerce, annually. Credify’s patented protocol addresses these issues by incentivizing network participation through a stake-based vouching system that rewards backing good business outcomes and conversely penalizes backing bad ones. Entity engagements are recorded on blockchain and serve as a history of record, providing verifiable links and relationship transparency for accurate assessment of intent and eligibility, ensuring high levels of trust in commerce.

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