AdPushup Rolls Out Code Optimizations for Reduced Latency, Faster Ad Delivery

A new modular architecture with tree-shaking, GZip compression, and lazy loading have been deployed to improve ad performance

​​​​​​AdPushup, a market leader in ad revenue optimization technology, has released information about code optimizations recently implemented on its JavaScript integration script, aimed at reducing latency and enabling faster delivery of ads.

Many publishers have concerns about the latency introduced by third-party JavaScript. Despite the concerns, a JavaScript-based integration is better suited to most publishers, compared to the CDN-based integration recommended and offered by some vendors, which require publishers to update their name server details, creating potential control and security vulnerabilities for these website owners.

With the new modular architecture, instead of bundling the entire JavaScript into one package, the core AdPushup JS includes only the A/B testing based ad layout optimization engine. Additional features such as header bidding, premium ad formats, and automatic in-content ad placement are included based on publisher requirements. This helps reduce the bundle size and ensures that publishers only load the scripts that they are using. In addition, tree-shaking is used for dead code elimination before run-time, saving disk and CPU usage on the client-side. AdPushup’s CDN uses GZip compression to further reduce bundle size.

Lastly, AdPushup has enabled lazy loading during code execution to ensure that only essential JS assets are delivered to the user’s browser. Lazy loading is a technique that loads assets (scripts, files, images…) only when they are needed by the browser. This is opposed to synchronous or asynchronous delivery, where assets load regardless of whether or not they are needed on-page. AdPushup deploys lazy loading for (1) AdPushup JavaScript and (2) ad units served on web pages, improving load times during code execution and ad delivery.

“Most of our engineering resources are dedicated to R&D and core product improvements, so that we can keep delivering the market-leading revenue uplift that our partners expect from us. However, we also know that in the business of web publishing, speed is everything. This is why over the last few months, we’ve made a series of code optimizations to our core JS bundle, for publishers, this means reduced latency, faster ad delivery, and an improved user experience,” said Ankit Oberoi, CEO of AdPushup.

AdPushup has also released an information sheet about the JavaScript optimizations, including test data from multiple websites, which demonstrates the impact of the JavaScript code on page speed metrics and SEO. From "First Contentful Paint” to “First Input Delay”, the average latency variation recorded between control and experiment during four key page load events was found to be approximately 100ms—a human imperceptible time difference.

About AdPushup​
AdPushup is a revenue optimization platform that helps publishers increase their ad revenue using ad layout optimization, header bidding, innovative ad formats, ad mediation, and adblock recovery. AdPushup is a Microsoft-funded startup, member of IAB and TAG, and the winner of NASSCOM EMERGE 50 award.

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