AdPushup Releases Unified Revenue Reporting for Digital Publishers

The new reporting system gives publishers endless ways to slice and dice data, analyze partner performance, and fine-tune their ad revenue.

​​​​​​AdPushup, a leading ad revenue optimization platform for publishers, has released a new unified reporting system to help publishers gain a deeper understanding of their revenue sources and partner performance. Having access to transparent and extensive reporting is a top priority for many digital publishers. These insights can help optimize ad delivery settings, prioritize top-performing channels and demand partners, and ultimately grow their ad revenue.

The unified reporting system has been released as part of a larger platform overhaul, which introduces many new updates including smart ad refresh, header bidding as a service, Google Ad Manager support, new publisher dashboard, and simpler onboarding process.

“On average a publisher uses at least 3-5 bidders and ad networks. Our reporting dashboard has been built on the principle of unifying data from different networks and giving publishers a single holistic view about their ad inventory and revenue. The dashboard takes inspiration from popular reporting dashboards like AdSense and Google Ad Manager to provide a quick learning curve for our users,” said Dikshant Joshi, Director of Product at AdPushup.

Using the AdPushup vs. Original report, publishers can measure their ad revenue growth with AdPushup by comparing it to their original ad setup. The Revenue Channels report helps publishers understand the split of incoming revenue across all activated channels, including header bidding, Google Open Bidding, Google AdX, and tag-based networks such as Google AdSense and The Network report provides a breakdown of revenue by header bidding demand partners for easy analysis of individual partner performance and their contribution to publisher bottom line.

Apart from these, publishers also have access to standard reports including page-level reporting, country-wise reporting, page group and variation reporting (for A/B tests), ad unit wise reporting, device-wise reporting—all available in daily, monthly and cumulative views. The standard and special reports together offer endless ways for publishers to slice and dice their data, analyze partner performance, and fine-tune their ad revenue. 

Another key change is that while the older reporting system worked on UTC, this has now been changed to PST in the new reporting system, which brings it in sync with AdPushup’s existing demand partners such as Google, Pubmatic, Index, Rubicon, and AppNexus.

“Our engineering team rebuilt the complete data collection, processing, and storage pipeline to make this possible,” says Ankit Oberoi. “To understand the quantum of this, we process more than 50 billion impressions a year and the throughput of this pipeline is much higher!”

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AdPushup is a revenue optimization platform that helps publishers increase their ad revenue using ad layout optimization, header bidding, innovative ad formats, ad mediation, adblock recovery, and accelerated mobile pages. AdPushup is a Microsoft-funded startup, a Google NPM partner, member of IAB and TAG, and the winner of NASSCOM EMERGE 50 award.

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