AdaptivOps Announces Changemakers Initiative, Allowing Ops Professionals to Hack Nonprofits' Operational Roadblocks

Virtual hackathon to aid nonprofits launched in 2020 will now become an ongoing initiative


AdaptivOps, Tonkean's cross-functional community built for operations professionals, announced that Changemakers, a hackathon launched in 2020 to connect tech's smartest minds with the projects that need their help to run efficiently, will live on as an ongoing initiative. Starting this month, the AdaptivOps community will continually connect ops and IT experts in its community with nonprofit projects to provide invaluable operational support, all free of charge.  

Changemakers 2020 brought together 17 nonprofits from around the world with dozens of "makers" who volunteered their technical skills & operations expertise for one week of service to improve digital operations at their assigned nonprofit. The volunteers were equipped with valuable access to enterprise-grade software and consulting from companies including Tonkean, Fin Analytics, Airtable, and the Google Developers team. 

The outcome was a series of truly impactful projects that helped improve efficiency and save countless hours of work for the important community organizations. And for the makers, it was a valuable opportunity to put the tech skills they've built up over the years to work via skills-based volunteering.

"In most cases, nonprofits don't have the requisite funding to afford enterprise-grade software, or access to the world's most talented operations experts," said Briana Okyere, Community Lead at AdaptivOps. "That's why Changemakers has turned out to be so impactful: By exposing these organizations to automation and levels of efficiency they'd never known possible, we can help them focus their efforts on the causes they care most about."

AdaptivOps, along with nonprofit partners Pledge 1% and Raise for Good, were instrumental in identifying and contacting "makers" and nonprofits to join the event. As part of the ongoing initiative, AdaptivOps' 300+ active community members will be notified when a new nonprofit expresses interest and will have the ability to quickly volunteer their skills to provide operational support. In addition to the ongoing Changemakers activity, there are still plans for another week-long Changemakers hackathon toward the end of 2021 to bring together a bigger group of nonprofits and makers at once. 

Nonprofits that are interested in free support to solve operational and technical roadblocks, and those with technical and operational expertise, are encouraged to visit the AdaptivOps community at to learn more or express interest in volunteering. 

About AdaptivOps

AdaptivOps is Tonkean's cross-functional community built for operations professionals (or "makers" as we like to call them). Here, we believe that makers are unsung heroes who have the power to create monumental change not just within their organizations, but around the world. Our mission is to empower those individuals by helping them develop their skills as changemakers. We do this by breaking down silos separating ops departments, improving cross-functional collaboration, and by providing a space for makers to geek out on all things Ops with like-minded individuals — through the sharing of knowledge, best practices, resources, and tools. AdaptivOps is powered by Tonkean, the operating system for business operations.

Source: Tonkean

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