Action 1st Unveils Security Camera Installation Services

Action 1st, a company that offers commercial keyless entry systems, will soon begin installing security cameras on behalf of their clients. These cameras provide even greater surveillance of a commercial location.

For years, Action 1st has offered services such as electronic access control and commercial locksmith services. Security camera installation can augment that, giving their clients an additional way to secure their property. By checking these security cameras, companies can be aware of potential threats before they even approach the location’s entrance, depending on placement.

Action 1st employees always analyze a client’s location and then use that information to put together a comprehensive security plan. With the new security camera installation, they will be able to incorporate that into the plan.

“Safety and security always come first. We’ve been providing folks with dependable access control systems for years now, and we’re proud to expand into security camera installation. A keyless card entry system can tell you what doors were opened, as well as when they’re open, and security cameras can provide even more knowledge than that. By pairing security cameras with your electronic access control, it’s one more way that we can help our clients to make their location more secure than ever.” Russell Yost, Action 1st

The security camera installations are set to begin in late June. Action 1st will continue to offer commercial keyless door entry systems in Orange County and the surrounding area.

For more information about the new security camera installation, commercial keyless door locks, or to make a press inquiry, contact Action 1st at (888) 670-9615.

Source: Action 1st


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