ACT | the App Association Report Illuminates Small Businesses’ Impact in AI, Urges Policy Inclusivity

ACT | The App Association released “Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs: An Indispensable Force in AI,” a comprehensive report showcasing small businesses’ crucial role in the broader AI sector. While new to wider public awareness, small and medium businesses like the App Association’s members have been working with the intricacies of AI technology for decades. They have adapted to and are at the forefront of its innovative application, contributing significantly to an industry valued at $1.8 trillion.

The report draws on a series of focus groups with App Association members from around the world, bringing together a wealth of experience from seasoned developers and entrepreneurs. These discussions revealed a consistent theme: small businesses use AI in unique and significant ways, often finding solutions to real-world problems that larger corporations might overlook. This collective insight from diverse voices across the tech landscape underscores the vital role and unique perspective that small businesses contribute to the AI sector.

Considering these small businesses’ valuable contributions, the findings underscore the importance of thoughtful policymaking. Morgan Reed, president of the App Association, addresses this concern: “As we navigate the complexities of AI, it’s critical to broaden the scope of policy discussions. The Biden Administration and the bipartisan Senate Working Group, led by Senators Schumer, Young, Heinrich, and Rounds, must ensure that the diverse voices of the small business sector are included. Engaging these businesses is key to rebuilding public trust in AI.”

The full report “Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs: An Indispensable Force in the AI App Economy” is available on the ACT | The App Association website.

Source: ACT| The App Association

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