Acron Group Renames Its International Sales Companies

U.S.-based Agronova International Inc. has become Acron USA Inc.

Acron USA Inc.

Acron Group, one of the leading vertically integrated mineral fertiliser producers in Russia and the world, has renamed its international sales companies.

The name of the Switzerland-based Agronova Europe AG has been changed to Acron Switzerland AG and the U.S.-based Agronova International Inc. has become Acron USA Inc.

“This step will improve Acron’s trademark recognition and enhance brand alignment between the Group’s production facilities and its sales companies as part of the effort to support further expansion of the distribution network and penetration of target markets”, said Dmitry Khabrat, Vice President Overseas of Acron.

At the end of 2017, Acron Group established Acron France SAS in Paris to distribute urea-ammonium nitrate (UAN) and dry fertilisers in France and neighbouring countries. The name for this company was chosen in line with the new Acron’s policy.

Source: Acron USA Inc.

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