AccuZIP, Inc. Announces Expansion and Relocation of Corporate Headquarters to South Houston, Texas

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AccuZIP, Inc., a national software company offering data quality and direct mail software solutions, informed internal staff on April 25, 2017, that it is expanding its operations and relocating its corporate headquarters to the Houston, Texas area. AccuZIP, Inc. will retain its California offices indefinitely and all employees will retain current employment status. The establishment of a corporate headquarters presence in the state of Texas is consistent with AccuZIP’s expansion and growth objectives. AccuZIP will join the ranks of California-based companies relocating to Texas in a move becoming more common among its peers. Along with household names like Google, Apple, Dropbox and Oracle — which all recently built or expanded major campuses in Austin — nearly two dozen Bay Area tech companies also reportedly relocated to Texas (or opened outposts there) since 2014.

AccuZIP’s expansion to Texas includes several benefits to the company and its staff. “The great state of Texas offers a depth of technical talent and a stable workforce. It has proven itself to be a technology hub offering a good quality of life, and the ability to invest in a new home for the staff that chooses to relocate. This is an exciting move forward for the company, our customer partners and our team.”

Steve Belmonte, CEO of AccuZIP stated in his announcement of the move to the staff, “My philosophy in life and business is to never to be complacent. Complacency is too easy to accomplish. With this move, AccuZIP will continue to grow and innovate, and under the daily leadership of our President, Kristen McKiernan, our ship will stay the course and be a dominating force in any industry that AccuZIP is involved.” Mr. Belmonte reinforced his commitment as CEO to:

  • Constantly improve AccuZIP’s existing technologies;
  • Develop new technologies that complement AccuZIP’s existing technologies;
  • Acquire companies and technologies that have a natural fit with AccuZIP’s existing technologies;
  • Invent new technologies that may be outside the purview of AccuZIP’s current industry, such as technologies specifically created for consumers;
  • Provide solid career growth opportunities for all of AccuZIP’s employees within the growing organizational structure

The two California offices will remain operational indefinitely, and the new Texas Corporate Headquarters will be occupied in the 4th quarter of 2017. The co-located facilities will share a strong and seamless pipeline between the two regions. The new corporate office amenities will include:

  • A hybrid office environment, which incorporates a range of spaces and gives each employee the autonomy to move between them throughout the day;
  • A workout gym and entertainment area with games such as pool, foosball, pinball, video games, air-hockey and other games;
  • Commercial bathrooms with showers
  • Commercial-style kitchen to host employee or community events

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AccuZIP, Inc., a national software company based in Atascadero, CA, provides feature rich solutions to manage Contact Data Quality, Address Hygiene, USPS Postal Presorting and Compliance and Mail Tracking and Reporting. AccuZIP’s solutions are designed to be utilized across many industry verticals to streamline, standardize and simplify processes associated with data entry, data management and multi-channel communications. AccuZIP’s products and services make it easier for businesses to get their message out to the right people at the right location when they need to most. Now into its third decade of doing business and celebrating its 25th year anniversary, the company has built an outstanding reputation for value, service and innovation. For more information, visit

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AccuZIP, Inc., a provides feature rich solutions to manage Contact Data Quality, Address Hygiene, USPS Postal Presorting and Compliance and Mail Tracking and Reporting.

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