AccuZIP Announces Successful Launch of New AccuTrace UI

AccuZIP announced that response to the release of the new AccuTrace interface has been overwhelmingly positive.

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AccuZIP announced that response to the release of the new AccuTrace interface has been overwhelmingly positive. The AccuTrace development team worked diligently on the new interface for AccuTrace, the powerful Mail Tracking service, and as we had hoped, users have found it to be much faster and seamless, offering an excellent user and customer experience (CX) and more productive working environment.

In addition to increased speed, there are also some additional feature enhancements in the new interface such as the automatic refreshing of charts every 60-seconds on the new Dashboard for real-time updates of scans.

I want to personally thank our development team and each of our customer partners for their valuable roles in this successful launch. The new UI and backend functionality it provides is phenomenal. It is sleek, fast and represents the excellence that the AccuZIP brand exudes. Thank you for your hard work and efforts and to our customer partners for their input on making this new release a success. It is something I am very proud of.

Kristen McKiernan, President, AccuZIP Inc.

What AccuZIP Customer Partners are saying about the new AccuTrace User Interface:

“I’m calling to let you know how much I like the new AccuTrace portal. Thank you so much!”

“The site is nice and fast and the screens load much quicker than before.”

“The overall UI is nice and clean and easy on the eye, kudos to you for this update!”

“I love how the charts auto refresh.”

“Great looking update to the AccuTrace service. Initial response from the team has been very positive.”

If you are not using AccuTrace today and are interested in adding this service, please contact  AccuZIP's Sales Department at or call 800-233-0555.

Visit: for a free live demo.

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