Accounting Firms Expand Marketing and Sales Strategies with Newswire's EMA GT Sales Accelerator

The Sales Accelerator includes multiple marketing tactics leveraged by some of the best in the accounting industry.

​While the ongoing pandemic has resulted in rapid digital transformation for a variety of financial services-related industries, it has also resulted in an information overload that has overwhelmed millions of Americans. Consumers and business owners seeking financial companies for accounting related services have been exposed to more digital content today than ever before, which can cause issues for financial marketers as they look to establish trust with existing and prospective clients. Newswire's Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour Sales Accelerator provides CMOs and accounting executives with the tools necessary to establish their brands as authority figures within the industry through content-focused campaigns. 

Accounting content has been lackluster across the web, with the exception being stories concerning the Paycheck Protection Program and related topics. lana Isakov Katz of Accounting Today highlighted the importance of original content creation to enhance thought leadership positioning within the accounting industry in a recent post.

As a part of the EMA GT Sales Accelerator, Newswire's Earned Media Advantage Strategists (EMAS) develop a comprehensive Earned Media Advantage Plan (EMAP) to strategically distribute content campaigns that include information on trending topics within the industry that are relevant to members of the financial community. 

"The financial media responds to stories that highlight emerging industry trends, especially when the story can be backed by quantitative metrics or reputable perspectives," said Charlie Terenzio, Newswire's VP Earned Media Advantage Business. "We help our clients leverage their industry expertise and internal data to position their brand as an information authority in the eyes of both the financial media and its respective audiences."

Newswire's Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour Sales Accelerator helps accounting firms connect with industry media, boost SEO rankings, and increase sales opportunities through integrated media and marketing communications campaigns.

"The combination and balance of content distribution, media outreach, and digital marketing campaigns has proven to be an effective strategy for many of our financial customers," said Terenzio. 

Newswire's EMA GT Sales Accelerator has helped accounting firms upgrade their marketing and sales efforts through campaign management and consistent communication with in-house teams.

Learn how Newswire can upgrade your brand's marketing and sales efforts through the Earned Media Advantage Guided Tour Sales Accelerator

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