Acclaimed Author Tim Flanagan To Release New "Pinkley" Novel Before He Tackles Project X

"The Moon Stealers" author, Tim Flanagan, announces a new volume of his popular "Lawrence Pinkley Detective" series but still keeps readers hanging on, waiting for his Project X.

Acclaimed British author Tim Flanagan announced earlier this week that he would be releasing a new novel involving perhaps his most famous creation, “Lawrence Pinkley,” the most incompetent private investigator in Whitby. In this new volume, he shares another comical mystery involving the entertaining sleuth. The previous releases in the series have also recently been released as a box set called “Lawrence Pinkley’s Casebook Vol 1 + 2” and have appeared on bestseller listings in the U.S. and in the U.K. In addition to this succeess Flanagan recently discovered that "Lawrence Pinkely's Casebook Vol 1 + 2" had been nominated for the prestigious "Coffee Readers Book Award."

Flanagan, a popular author with teenagers, burst onto the scene with his acclaimed “Moon Stealers” novels about an alien invasion and followed up with the popular Pinkley novels. It has also been announced that he will be releasing a brand new novel currently titled “Project X” that will take his readership in a completely different direction. Flanagan also announced that he will be blogging heavily over the coming weeks.

Tim Flanagan will be busy promoting his new releases throughout 2015 with possible media appearances including radio interviews. "Lawrence Pinkley's Casebook Vol 1 + 2" will also be available for 99 cents throughout January. You can learn more by emailing his publicity office contact Nick Wale at  


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