'Accelerate Thru Conflict' by Dr. Craig Overmyer and Mike Montgomery is Now Available

Accelerate Thru Conflict

The Cultures That Work team is proud to announce the forthcoming publication of Accelerate Thru Conflict - The Missing Conversations … Before It’s Too Late by Dr. Craig Overmyer and Mike Montgomery.  This book is for scale-ups facing the complexity of growth and provides a productive conflict solution to enable the transformation of friction, confusion, and underperformance before it’s too late; that is, before the stakes are high, disengagement rises, and performance slacks off.

The shared everyday habits of an organization’s culture are one of the key indicators of success or failure. Founders, owners, and executive leaders will be able to utilize the tools provided in this book to better understand an essential leadership skill. In Craig’s own words, “Leadership is not a function, but a requirement of everyone in the culture.”

All humans are conditioned through social norms to be friendly with colleagues and peers at work. This social conditioning can impact the ability to engage in needed conversations as businesses are scaling up. The whole culture needs to know the difference between unproductive, productive and destructive conflict and how to have collegial conversations to build a culture of accountability and by recognizing the automatic thoughts that get in the way.

When scaling up, it is imperative to build the momentum of your “business flywheel.” This momentum is either accelerated or decelerated through moment-to-moment conversations among colleagues or with clients.  In this book, Accelerate Thru Conflict The Missing Conversations … Before It’s Too Late readers will learn how to create the habit of putting into practice the In-The-Moment Conversations method to accelerate that momentum. The Eight Accelerator Questions Guide included in the book is essential to help colleagues have these harder conversations. 

Praise for this book:

Accelerate Thru Conflict captures the insights gained from a seasoned coach working in the trenches with scale-ups. Craig offers practical guidelines for executive teams and leaders at every level to put into practice the skill of productive conflict, especially when friendship and organizational politics make it easier to avoid these conversations.”

- Verne Harnish, founder, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and author of Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0)

“In an increasingly dark and polarized world, where even the most powerful people in the world hurl insults at each other on social media and in the press, it’s too easy to just ignore conflict. Dr. Craig Overmyer persuasively argues that an understanding of how to use conflict as a business tool is a key to business growth.”

- David Meerman Scott, business growth strategist, entrepreneur, and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author of 11 books, including Fanocracy

Get your copy at http://bit.ly/AccelerateThruConflict

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