Accelerate Events, Inc. Announces Hiring Initiative

The executives at Accelerate Events, Inc. are focusing their efforts on hiring new talent in 2016. The Director of Operations discussed the company's philosophies on bringing in new hires.

“Our team at Accelerate Events, Inc. continues to exceed its goals,” said Anna, the Director of Operations. “We fully intend to continue our aggressive growth during 2016. As a result, we need to bring new talent into the organization.”

The management team at Accelerate Events, Inc. knows the company’s success is dependent on its people. “We are looking for high-energy, opportunity-seeking individuals to staff our support team,” said the Director. “Ideal candidates are people who are excited to learn and develop new concepts within our collaborative environment. We are interested in individuals who want to grow with us.”

"We give individuals opportunities to gain a variety of new skills,"

Anna, Director of Operations

The Director explained that the company offers a variety of career development options for all its team members, whether they are new college grads or experienced professionals. “We give individuals opportunities to gain a variety of new skills,” she said. “We provide hands-on training on topics such as customer relations, inventory management, team building, and interviewing skills. In addition, we offer an intensive, 12-month executive training program for those associates who are interested in management.”

“The firm’s investment in its top performers continues to pay off,” said Anna. One example is Ashley, who has consistently exceeded expectations. “As soon as she began training, Ashley demonstrated a high level of intensity and dedication,” she added. “Since then, she has surpassed every new challenge we have put before her, and she has shown that she is able solve problems during high-pressure situations, such as customer events. As a result, we have promoted her to the role of campaign manager. Congratulations, Ashley!”

The company’s stellar achievements have created a significant amount of buzz in the industry. “I am excited about our leadership position in the industry and our accomplishments,” said Anna. “We have the opportunity to represent new products and services that target a variety of demographics. It’s exciting to see how well we are able to help the brands we represent build lasting relationships with their customers.”

Accelerate Events, Inc. Shares Hiring Viewpoints

Anna and the management team at Accelerate Events, Inc. understand that a strong team doesn’t build itself. “When we look for candidates, we use a three-pronged approach,” she said. “We look for the right skillset, a positive attitude, and a cultural fit. If an individual falls short in one of these areas, it won’t work.”

“Everyone who interacts with our firm receives nothing short of excellence from our team members,” added the Director. “That’s why we need to make sure every new hire adopts the company’s core values.” The firm’s onboarding program ensures that new hires are aligned with the organization’s mission statement and high-level goals. “We expect every team member to exhibit passion, integrity, positivity, a willingness to learn, and a solid work ethic,” said Anna.

Anna and the executive team are enthusiastic about the future. “I’m proud to say that 2016 promises to be a banner year for us,” she said. “When we need a bit of inspiration, we look to the words of Henry Ford. He said, ‘Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t, you’re right.’ I expect our people to honor those words with distinction.”

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