Absolutely Fabulous Adds a 'Possibly Offensive' Category to Their Website

Small family retailer finds a way to reflect their off-color sense of humor online by adding a "possibly offensive" shopping category.

Diane Silverstein

When asked about the "possibly offensive" goods that she sells at Absolutely Fabulous, her family-run gift & décor shop, Diane Silverstein lights up and responds in her memorable English accent: "I've seen people in our greeting card section who just huff, turn around, and walk right out. But really, most folks just have a good laugh. It's fun."

Absolutely Fabulous Unique Gifts & Décor is just that - a fabulously unique gift & décor shop that has been a staple of Huntington Beach, California, for over 15 years. The breadth of products inside "Ab Fab" is pretty staggering and has proven difficult to relay online, especially the more ... colorful goods.

"I mean - how do you make sure the people who don't like being offended avoid looking at this stuff when they just wanted to look at Santa dolls?" Diane seriously asks. "Our 'possibly offensive gifts' are spread over all sorts of departments and don't fall into any one category well. We have offensive cards, offensive socks (that are particularly hilarious), offensive kitchen towels ... so many funny things! When they're in the shop, we can warn them before they step in the 'offensive zone,' but online, it's different.

"For years, I have tried to strategically place them around the website as not to stick out too much, but also to be present enough to be noticed by folks who, like me, love a good laugh. But it never felt right like it does inside the shop."

After many years of trying to get this balance right, Diane decided to just go all in and place them all in one shopping category named "possibly offensive." 

"I like to imagine my online customers get the giggles going through this section, like most of the folks who come into my shop do," Diane states while sipping her morning coffee. "It really does make my day to hear us cheer folks up a little bit before they're done shopping. It makes me feel like I added something positive to the world - even if that something is possibly offensive!"

Source: Absolutely Fabulous Unique Gifts & Décor