Abira Brings Talent, Joyful Confidence to You42

"Little Women: Atlanta" star will promote equality through her Are You as Tall as Me Network

Digital entertainment company You42 is expanding its growing Network lineup by partnering with TV star and entrepreneur Abira Greene. Lauded for her role on the Lifetime series "Little Women: Atlanta," Abira says her Network will be about more than just entertainment.

"With the Are You as Tall as Me Network, I'm going to be spreading a message of equality," said Abira, who has endeavored throughout her career to normalize dwarfism. "I want to see doors opening for everyone, regardless of their body type. We're going to be talking about fairness and respect, but we're also going to be having a lot of fun!"

Abira entered the entertainment industry as a dancer, appearing in music videos and on WorldStarHipHop.com. Later, she stepped behind the mic herself, releasing a mixtape under the name Lil Vicious. After appearing on "Little Women: Atlanta" beginning with Season 3, she became a main cast member on Season 6.

The Are You as Tall as Me Network shares a name with Abira's brand, which, through videos, social media outreach, and speaking appearances, promotes equality and civil rights for people who face discrimination due to their body type. In addition to content with a message, the Network will also feature musical performances, behind-the-scenes videos, and fun, exclusive content from Abira and her friends.

"Abira is a force of nature," said You42 President Ashley Johnson. "Her confidence and her energy are infectious. She's a blast to be around, and that only makes her message stronger."

"Everybody has their own insecurities," added Abira. "But once you gain the confidence to just be yourself, then you can teach the world how to accept you on your own terms. Confidence is power, and that's what I'm going to be showcasing through my Network."

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