A Westfall Speciality: Oversize Static Mixers

Six Reasons Why Westfall's Static Mixers Are Chosen

48" High Shear Model 2800

As population numbers grow worldwide, so too does the demand for more water and fuel, which means larger and larger pipe sizes must be utilized for efficient transport.

Westfall’s new technology static mixers can be made to fit pipes as small as 1.5 (3.81 cm) inches in diameter. Recently they have been adapted to fit large pipe sizes, including 84” (213 cm) and 96” (244 cm) in diameter.

"The growth in population around the world and the conservation of natural resources like energy, water, oil and gas are challenges that go hand in hand, so we make all our oversize static mixers perform to the highest possible standards of efficiency. That way we help municipalities and energy providers ramp up their capability efficiently and ahead of the need."

Bob Glanville, CEO

Westfall’s mixers are specified for these oversize applications for six reasons.

1. PERFORMANCE. Westfall mixers are designed to be top performers. CFD tests show that all Westfall models mix more efficiently across the flow stream, with reduced chemical requirements and less headloss than other models.

2. DURABILITY. Finite Element Analysis for Model 3050 has established a predicted service life of more than 40 years in gas pipeline service.

3. INNOVATION. Westfall works closely with customers to develop and test the best solution to their problem, so they can install a low maintenance custom-made mixer of any size and forget it.

4. RELIABILITY. Westfall consistently delivers its custom-made large diameter products on time and on budget.

5. EXPERIENCE. For more than 25 years, Westfall’s Application Engineers and manufacturing team have designed and manufactured custom Static Mixers that can include documentation for Metal Certificates, Welding Inspections, CFD Analysis, Finite Element Analysis, IOS and NFS Certificates, for customers around the world.

6. PROMISE. Westfall’s versatile, high-performance Static Mixers require little to no maintenance regardless of size or application.

Source: Westfall Manufacturing Company

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