A Wearable Controller Allowing Users to Make Personal Gesture Commands to Launch Soon on Kickstarter

Palmcat is bringing Pero, a wearable device that lets users control user-interface with customized gestures for intuitive and efficient workflow, to Kickstarter on July 20, 2020.

​​​Palmcat Corp., a Korean startup that combines the brainpower of seasoned engineers from varying industries, is launching Pero on the Kickstarter stage this coming Monday. This product is CEO Jungmo Kim’s solution to creating the ultimate controller for all cursor and input commands.

Pero personalizes commands to each program, such as those in the Microsoft Office, Adobe Suite, and web browsers, which allow the user to standardize shortcuts to their own convenience. Its wearable and wireless feature also invite users to work surface-free, unlike mouses that require a tabletop.

Its User Support Program gives users the freedom to determine the level of customized control they want. For beginners, it starts with an initializing process that learns a user’s distinct motion habits and provides recommended gestures to choose from. For those who want to delve in a little deeper, there is a separate API program that allows users to create the gesture themselves, determine what it means, and which programs it applies to.

“We really wanted to bring Pero to Kickstarter first,” explains Jungmo Kim. “Pero is ahead of the game, just like the early adopters that make up the Kickstarter community. We’re confident Pero will receive a warm welcome.”

Pre-orders for Pero will be available for a limited 30-day period during its Kickstarter campaign. Backers can save up to 39% off the retail price by pledging the Super Early Bird reward. Palmcat anticipates shipping to begin in November 2020.​

Palmcat designed Pero with the intention to optimize productivity for all people and all situations. Whether being used during a formal presentation, a workout, to play a game, or design 3D models, Pero provides the ultimate shortcut to tangible results. For more information on Pero, visit https://www.palmcat.co.kr/?lang=en.

Source: Palmcat


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