A Very Special Event to Celebrate a Transformational Winter Solstice Through Movement |Encinitas/San Diego

A lively way to spend the Winter Solstice. A showcase of transformational experiences through movement, storytelling, and song. Featuring yoga, acro, and dance artists Josia Batson, Jessica Hetzer, Fallon Lev and Jordan Randall plus special musical guests, and after party with dancing.

​Your Soul Center™ and Jack Greene Present A Yoga Lounge Special Edition, Circus of the Soul, Winter Solstice, Saturday December 19th, 2015 6:30-10:00pm, The Soul of Yoga, 627 Encinitas Boulevard, Encinitas, Ca, 760-943-7685. For this Event and More check out the website

A Showcase of Transformational Experiences through Movement, Storytelling, and Song.

Cannot wait for this! Grateful to be part of it and for the space to free flow for all of you.

Jessica Ann Hetzer, Performer

Featuring Yoga, Acro, and Dance Artists Josiah Batson, Jessica Hetzer, Fallon Lev and Jordan Randall + special musical guests and after party with dancing.

“The Story of Awakening”

Once upon a time there was a Soul that was given a special mission by it’s Creator to be incarnated on planet earth as a human being. The soul also was tasked with waking up other humans to their Divine Nature and all of there their gifts.

But there was a catch!

The Soul was programmed to forget it’s mission and true identity once incarnated on planet earth until a certain point on it’s journey, like a caterpillar forgets it’s identity when it transforms into a butterfly.

The Soul’s favorite gifts were the human body’s gift of movement and it’s powerful voice! The more the Soul used it’s gifts, it would awaken into it’s true identity as an Integrated Soul and be in Divine Service for the rest of it’s time on earth.

About Soul of Yoga

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