"A Symbol of Life": A Line of Clothing and Accessory Items With Specially Designed, Original Artwork

"A Symbol of Life" is a new, stylish, and thought-provoking line of clothing used to express and represent spirituality, ethnic diversity and universal unity.

​A Symbol of Life is a line of clothing and accessory items with specially designed, original artwork under the name, “A Symbol of Life.”  A new, stylish, and thought-provoking way to express and represent spirituality, ethnic diversity and universal unity, A Symbol of Life is a logo applied to men's and women's clothing (T-shirts, sportswear and outerwear), to accessory items (luggage, coffee mugs, posters, bumper stickers, and decals), to name but a few possibilities. Inspiring  the goal of “breaking universal boundaries,” while also recognizing the diversity that makes people who they are, this symbol celebrates the “North Vertical” alignment of the stars and is comprised of two, intersecting orbits, each enhanced by a rounded border. 

    The Patent Pending Product was invented by Keith Phillips and Timothy Hinds of Staten Island, NY, who said, “Creating a unique, visual optical illusion, this symbol is further enhanced by various insignia or logos that denote different places of origin, various religions and similar considerations that celebrate ethnic diversity.  For instance, A Symbol of Life symbol might feature the Canadian maple leaf in the center of the two orbits, while another symbol design might feature the Star of David.  These striking symbols can also be offered in myriad color schemes that add to the significance of each.  Positioned directly below the symbol is a semicircular wreath crest, while the words “North Vertical” are imprinted below the crest.  Screen printed, appliquéd, or directly sewn onto merchandise, possibilities for novel and unique means in which to creatively combine this original artwork are limitless.”

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