A Grateful Celebration of International Women's Day in Afghanistan

The Celebration Inside Afghanistan and Worldwide Will Take Place March 8

IWD 2020

Together, in honor of International Women’s Day (IWD) on March 8, the United Kingdom's Afghanaid, along with Gratitude Circle, will celebrate the women of Afghanistan within the country and worldwide. Most people do not know that IWD is celebrated in Afghanistan. 

Afghanaid is hosting an event in one of the most remote communities in Afghanistan to celebrate the wonderful women they're working with, the men who support them, their staff who work closely with them, and the women across the world who empower them. 

Afghanaid is a British humanitarian and development organization, and Gratitude Circle is a tech startup based outside Washington D.C. that empowers its users via friendly and uplifting social media. The startup's founder, Ms. Najma Khorrami, who is also a contributing writer for Psychology Today on the subject of global maternal health, hopes the event inside Afghanistan honors the resilience, strength and gratitude of Afghan women.​  

More details on the event: The event will focus on learning from some of the women involved in Afghanaid's project about their experiences so far.

Afghanaid's current women's project includes:  

• Teaching illiterate women how to read and write.
• Skills training, enterprise training and supporting women to set up their own businesses.
• Promoting women’s rights.
• Building women's engagement in community governance.
• Raising understanding of, and demand for, family planning and reproductive health.

​​For inquiries, please contact Ms. Najma Khorrami at info@gratcircle.com.

Source: Gratitude Circle


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