A First Aid Kit That is Seriously Up to Scratch

4x4 First aid kit

Designed in Australia by leading first aid experts, the 4WD Supacentre Survival Vehicle First Aid Kit is designed to be weight and space-conscious, without leaving anything off the first aid vehicle checklist.

The cleverly engineered colour-coded labelling system enables users to clearly identify and respond to an emergency situation calmly and with organisation. Once the crisis has been averted, the labelling system will make it easy and clear to note just what items need to be restocked to keep the kit up to date and ready for action.

The clever team at Survival First Aid make it so easy to restock the kit – all that is required is to scan the QR code on the outside of the bag and the restocking website will show up immediately for online ordering at the push of a button; it’s never been easier.

The compact carry case is made from a tough and hard-wearing, 600D-coated Oxford polyester, making it rugged, and water-resistant and easily cleaned with a quick wipe down with liquid disinfectant.

Taking its intentional design queues from the military and paramilitary styled systems developed by militaries and police forces around the world, the hard-wearing pouch uses the sophisticated MOLLE system, suitable for modular mounting to military-style packs and load-carrying vests/harnesses, and it even includes loops for attaching a shoulder sling for easier carrying to the scene of an emergency.

Not only is the tough carry case designed with Australia in mind, the contents have been carefully selected as well. The Survival First Aid company has developed the included SMART bandage, which is paramount to helping in the event of a snake/spider bite emergency. The reusable pressure bandage uses clever technology to display a rectangular pictogram that turns to a square when the correct pressure is applied to prevent poison circulation.

Not only does it include this pressure bandage innovation, inside the kit you will find clearly labelled pockets containing all the contents, as well as zipped mesh pouches to allow users to add personal and specific first aid items, such as patient-specific medications, sunscreen or insect repellent.

The Survival Vehicle First Aid Kit is light and compact, neatly organised with its easy-to-identify pouches – allowing users to be prepared for any emergency during off-road adventures.

Source: 4WD Supacentre


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