A Diverse Political Movement Defined by Activism, Democratic Presidential Nominee Bernie Sanders Has Inspired the Unlikeliest of Political Classes

Washington D.C's Forest Hills Tenleytown Music Group (FHTMG) Channels Bernie Sanders In Its Controversial New Music Video Looking To Promote Its Candidate Of Choice

​This campaign cycle has seen a level of acidic attacks and spiteful rhetoric unseen before in politics. Just four years ago America was receiving messages of hope and reform from both political parties. Now the country finds itself receiving messages focused on genitalia and “liar liar pants on fire.”

However, one candidate's desire to remain above the fray has won over millions of Americans, when coupled with his message of populist progressivism. Bernie Sanders is finally receiving the recognition due to someone who fought in the Civil Rights Era for equality, has abstained from the crooked lobbyist culture of the nation’s capital, and has always marched to the drumbeat of honesty and virtue apart from partisan soul-selling.

Among those aforementioned millions of inspired Americans is the record label Forest Hills Tenleytown Music Group (FHTMG). On April 18th, at www.FHTMG.com the label released the highly anticipated Bernie B*tch by Abu Rahss, in support of #Bernie2016 and the New York primaries.  Bernie B*tch is a hybrid music video with campaign undertones, officially lending FHTMG’s support to 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The song is a spin on Bobby B*tch by Bobby Shmurda. The song was inspired by the positive, inspirational energy movement growing from the Sanders campaign. The music video for Bernie B*tch was shot in Philadelphia and Washington DC, and features a collection of FHTMG artists and affiliates.  Aside from www.FHTMG.com, the video can also be seen athttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNsgYF719T0&feature=youtu.be.

About Forest Hills Tenleytown Music Group (FHTMG)

This independent record label based out of Washington, D.C. is among the most subversive record label in the world.  FHTMG is a collective of Washington, D.C. natives and artists who are globally-minded and socially-oriented.  Most known for its online fundraising campaign which went viral and featured in mainstream outlets across the US, ultimately sending label artists Pacman and Peso to Pyongyang, North Korea to film in, and around the city.

Already off to a demanding start to 2016, this internationally aware music label, has just returned from Cuba on their collaboration with Cuba Skate, www.CubaSkate.com, in an effort to support and grow the Cuban skateboarding and hip-hop communities.   The initiative provided access to skateboarding equipment that is otherwise unavailable on the island; in addition cross-promoted culture and lifestyle. In doing so, the label has constructed an environment for Cuban youth that will have a positive impact on the greater community.

This was just a first step following a return to US and Cuban diplomacy.  FHTMG has various initiatives underway in an effort to build cultural bridges; undertaking both humanitarian efforts, and raising awareness to the battles that lie ahead.  In addition, the label has applied this same approach internationally as they now expand internationally with new projects and offices in Germany, the United Kingdom, and Beirut.




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