8Flow.ai Announces Self-Learning Automation Engine for Customer Support, Raises $6.6 Million

8Flow.ai Introduces Private Beta and Achieves SOC 2 Certification

8Flow.ai, a startup focused on analyzing and automating customer support workflows, has emerged from stealth and raised $6.6 million in funding. The round was led by Caffeinated Capital, with participation from BoxGroup, Liquid2, HNVR and Trilogy, as well as prominent angels including Nat Friedman (Github), Michael Scarpelli (Snowflake/ServiceNow), Dave Schneider (ServiceNow), Howie Liu (Airtable), Slavik Markovich (Demisto/Palo Alto Networks) and others. 8Flow.ai was founded by Boaz Hecht, who was previously Co-founder & CEO of SkyGiraffe (acquired by ServiceNow in 2017) and then VP Platform at ServiceNow, where he ran mobile, AI chatbots and employee-facing products. The founding team at 8Flow.ai includes Josh Russ and Yev Goldin, who joined SkyGiraffe early on and then ServiceNow following the acquisition.

In a world where support teams deal with manual, time-consuming navigation across systems that require constant transfer of information between applications, yet are expected to be hyper-efficient, 8Flow.ai offers a transformative solution. 8Flow.ai learns what the individual agent does as they resolve tickets, performs task mining and then generates automations for repetitive tasks across ticketing systems, business applications, spreadsheets, customer order databases, CRM platforms and more. 

8Flow.ai's product is an enterprise-grade self-learning workflow automation engine that integrates with ticketing platforms including Zendesk, ServiceNow and Salesforce Service Cloud. As support agents work, 8Flow.ai generates automations and enables them to guide the AI toward the correct ticket resolution — constantly improving. 8Flow.ai also facilitates coaching, executive-level analytics and insights into agent workflows across various systems, promoting faster onboarding and time to value.

8Flow.ai is already saving customer agents time and clicks. Heather English, Senior Customer Support Manager at FloorFound, said, "8Flow has allowed my team to significantly increase efficiency and accuracy. We save hours using 8Flow to eliminate the need to switch between browser tabs to copy and paste data. We're excited about their roadmap ahead, as each release results in freeing up more valuable time for our team members."

Boaz Hecht, co-founder and CEO of 8Flow.ai, said, "We're excited to introduce our private beta and empower support teams to enhance their efficiency with the power of AI. Our solution not only streamlines agent tasks but also offers valuable analytics for optimized performance."

For 8Flow.ai, customer support is just the beginning. The product will soon help employees in other business functions such as finance for invoice processing, sales with customer onboarding, and operations with inventory management.

In addition to the funding announcement and private beta launch, 8Flow.ai has achieved SOC 2 Certification, highlighting its commitment to security and reliability. Customers can request access to the private beta on the 8Flow.ai website.

About 8Flow.ai

8Flow.ai, founded in 2022, empowers enterprise support teams with AI and automation.

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About 8Flow.ai

Empowering enterprise support teams with AI and automation.


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