75 Countries, 315 Global Cities Compete in the Break Free Worldwide 2020 Championship: Create Your Escape in SOULidarity

The World's First Global LIVE STREAM HIP HOP Dance Competition Promoting Solidarity: Break Free Worldwide 2020 Championship is organizing the first-ever six-day online global breaking competition during April 21-26, 2020. Broadcasted LIVE from 75 countries and 315 global cities, Breakers are dancing in solidarity, competing in battles for $35,000 in cash and prizes.

Break Free Worldwide LLC is starting the LIVE broadcast today at 3 PM central time of the Worldwide 2020 Breaking Championship. The purpose of this event is to unite 75 countries represented by over 315 cities to Create their Escape in SOULIdarity and compete from their homes, having a chance to win $35,000. Every person on the globe has been given a chance to participate in this event, structuring the brackets in four major regions: Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa East. Taking into consideration the unprecedented times, the six-day live broadcast will be free for viewers worldwide and will include storytelling elements along with the action-packed, live-stream broadcast.

BREAK FREE Worldwide 2020 Breaking Championship, "SOULIdarity" event details:


ROUND BREAKDOWN: Top 64 or 32 - 1 Round Each, Top 16 - 2 Rounds Each, Top 8 - 2 Rounds Each, Top 4 - 2 Rounds Each, Top 2 - 3 Rounds Each.

DAY 1 PRELIMINARY: BBOYs Americas Region: TOP 32 - April 21st, 3pm CST - 9pm London Time - 4am Hong Kong Time. JUDGES: Funky Maya, Lil John, DJ Renegade.

DAY 2 PRELIMINARY:  PRELIMINARY:  BBOYs Europe Region: TOP 32 - April 22nd, 3pm London Time - 9am CST - 10pm Hong Kong Time. Judges: Intact, AT, Palmer.

DAY 3 PRELIMINARY:  BBOYs Asia Pacific Region: TOP 32 - April 23rd 3pm Hong Kong Time - 2am Houston Time - 8am London Time. Judges: Narumi, Katsu, Jeremy.

DAY 4 PRELIMINARY:  BBOYs Africa East Region: TOP 32 - April 24th 3pm London Time- 9am CST - 10pm Hong Kong Time. Judges: Lil John, Abramz, YNot.

DAY 5 PRELIMINARY & SEMI FINALS: BGirls TOP 64 Global Regions - April 25th 11am CST - 5pm LONDON Time - 12am HONG KONG Time April 26th. Judges: Asia One, Jeskilz, Beast Boogie.

SEMI FINALS: Regional BBOY Championship: TOP 16, April 25th 5pm CST - 11pm LONDON Time - 6am HONG KONG Time. JUDGES: Cros 1, Crazy Legs, Jeremy.

DAY 6 FINALS: BBOY and BGIRL Global Championship: TOP 4 - April 26th, 11am CST - 5pm LONDON Time - 12am HONG KONG Time April 27th, JUDGES: Ken Swift, Storm, Crumbs.


MARKETING: Gustavo, Mario, Rick, Rob.

REGISTRATIONS: Jeremy, Anthony, Palmer, Omar.

The Break Free Worldwide 2020 Championship is inviting everyone to view the event at https://breakfreeworldwide.com/break-free-channel.

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