"600 ": Makes Fun Investment Selections Online While Aiding Budgetary Concerns

​Economics today is a vital part of one’s daily concerns. Sometimes the focus is on paying the mortgage, utilities and food and entertainment is the last choice. However, for entertainment purposes, 600 is an idea for a new investment-type of online game and/or software app that guarantees a payoff of $600.00 a month from a small, one-time initial investment and compliance of the rules, with the payoff odds increasing incrementally the more one recruit’s others to play the game. The design intent is to provide consumers a new and exciting game that increases the opportunities for financial improvement in today's uncertain economy.

600 is a new investment-type game that guarantees a payoff of $600.00 a month from a small initial investment, with the payoff odds increasing incrementally the more one gets others to play the game. 600 is available via an online outlet or software application. The player logs onto the platform and creates a username and password, after which he or she can securely enter payment information (credit card, bank account number, PayPal account, etc.). Once the profile is created, the user starts the cycle with an initial investment of $100.00. The game of 600 utilizes a reverse geometric progression (i.e., 8, 4, 2, 1) to advance the game.  As such, once the player invests $100.00, he or she is now a member and is charged with bringing in one new member within one week to advance to the next level. However, should the member fail at this, he or she will lose the $100 automatically at 168 hours after receiving a confirmation number of membership from the system. Yet, every eight (8) qualified members, provided they have paid the initial investment and have brought in a new member, are successfully in the 600 pool and are eligible to advance to the next level, at which point the progression will split into two and so on. After a certain number of splits, or after 8 players are recruited by the original investor, or “President,” he or she will be paid $600.00. (Of the $200 remaining, $100 will be commission for the application, and $100 will automatically serve to buy the former President another chance.) As such, the former President then goes back to the bottom of the progression, recruiting and making his or her way back up to President again, where he or she will receive another $600 payout upon compliance with the rules. The whole process can be played as many times as desired, even for life, with each member granted the opportunity to become a President as he or she brings in new members. This is the key to the success of 600 as well as the success of the players. It should be noted that the initial $100.00 investment is one-time-only, as long as the players continue to bring in new members. Televised test marketing has recently been completed indicating strong consumer interest in the 600.
The Patent Pending 600 was invented by an inventor living in Middle Village, NY who said, “600 is a unique and novel new game of equal chance that one can play online. It entices players because 600 provides fun entertainment and potential financial reimbursements. It is even more fun than the lotteries because it works for the user as an investment participation program.”

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