5th Element Group Announces Partnership With Boss Beauties

The strategic partnership will advance NFT Collaborations for the UN Sustainable Development Goals

5th Element Connects Beauties With UN to Support SDG #5

Boss Beauties, a female-led global initiative that creates opportunities for girls and women through cutting-edge collaborations, announced today a partnership with 5th Element Group, a global impact consultancy that exists to prove the thesis that brands can perform better by doing more good. 

Boss Beauties' partnership with 5th Element Group is part of a larger initiative to unveil its bespoke NFT art collection of female leaders at the United Nations on March 8, 2022. The NFT art collection, entitled Boss Beauty Role Models, celebrates important women throughout history and the modern women who are breaking glass ceilings today.

5th Element Group works directly with the United Nations Office of Partnerships to connect the public, private, and nonprofit sectors together to achieve the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Launched at the United Nations on International Women's Day 2018, 5th Element Group promised to support frontier women pioneering technologies in the web3 space. Four years later, Boss Beauties and 5th Element Group are taking this mission to the next level in the name of Sustainable Development Goal #5: Gender Equality.

"Boss Beauties is dedicated to making programs for women and girls as far reaching as possible," said Lisa Mayer, Founder and CEO of Boss Beauties. "This partnership with 5th Element Group gives us access to a vast network that will help deepen our relationships with global executives and the United Nations to further our shared goal of empowering women and girls around the world."

"Knowing that 5th's long-term relationship with the United Nations can help Boss Beauties with such an important initiative connected to SDG 5 makes us incredibly excited," said Scott Lewis, Managing Partner at 5th Element Group and Liaison to the UN Office for Partnerships. "Our executives and global advisory network are all united in common purpose: to help the world's most visionary brands - including new flagship brands like Boss Beauties - to inspire and achieve a better world."

Boss Beauties will become the first NFT ever displayed at the United Nations. The collection will go on auction on OpenSea with a percentage of sales being donated to the Boss Beauties Scholarship Fund.  

"Boss Beauties is emblematic of the female-led ventures that will redefine the way we pursue and achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, in part by changing our perspective of the planet we all call home," former NASA Astronaut Ron Garan, Jr., who is a founding partner at 5th Element. 

About Boss Beauties

A woman-led global initiative, Boss Beauties creates opportunities for girls and women through cutting-edge collaborations that empower those at the forefront of technology, leadership and creativity. Boss Beauties is an extension of My Social Canvas, a company founded by Lisa Mayer, who for ten years has made it their mission to equip the next generation of women through mentorship and scholarships. They have built a global community of Gen Z women in the US and 15 countries worldwide. Their work has had involvement from Apple and Verizon, as well as inspiring women mentors ranging from Olympians, to leaders in fashion and entertainment including Harper's BAZAAR, Rebecca Minkoff, and more. For more information, please visit www.bossbeauties.com.

About 5th Element Group

5th Element Group PBC is a global impact consultancy. 5th Element has earned a reputation worldwide for creating unprecedented partnerships that grow enterprises, attract top talent, and result in a positive impact on society and the environment. Working in partnership with leader brands and some of the most respected non-profit organizations, the 5th team is focused on proving the thesis that brands can perform better by doing more good. www.5thelement.group.

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