"50 Favorite American Recipes By State" Ecookbook

In this collection of 50 Favorite American Recipes by State you can take a trip around the U.S. right at your dinner table. Enjoy the flavors of fine American recipes for the family.

There are plenty of American recipes out there that display the pride of the country and each state. From quintessential American recipes, to the more obscure, American recipes show the history of a state and its people. We've gathered together some of the best American recipes, highlighting one popular recipe from each state. With this collection you can take a trip around the country right at your dinner table. Taste the famous foods of California, travel across the Colorado Rockies all the way to the sea shores of Maine. You can experience the ultimate road trip and travel with your family across the country without spending a dime on gas or worrying about trip expenses. Enjoy the flavors of fine American recipes for the family with 50 Favorite American Recipes by State eCookbook.

According to the Washington Post, since 2000, pump prices have risen every year between early February and late May. The annual increase has boosted prices by 27 percent on average. This year, prices have risen 14 percent, or 48 cents per gallon, since February 1st and continue to rise. With that in mind, the idea of having a family road trip and experiencing the fine fare of America and its states would have seemed impossible.Thankfully, we've created this 50 Favorite American Recipes by State eCookbook to help you experience American recipe favorites without ever leaving home.

In this mouthwatering ecookbook, you'll discover what makes American recipes so delicious. We bring you recipes from the Northeast Regions, the Midwest, the South and the West; you'll have plenty to explore among these 50 recipes (plus one bonus recipe!). It doesn't get any better than the infamous New England Clam Chowder (pg. 9). Rich and creamy, putting down the spoon will seem impossible. Also, don't miss out on the heavenly Georgia Peach Cobbler (pg. 50). There is something from every state that will keep your mouth watering and busy in the kitchen. With this collection of traditional American recipes, you'll never have to think about what to make for dinner again.

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