5 Things to Know Before Buying Delta-8, The Cannabis Radar Explains

5 things you should know before trying Delta-8 THC for the first time. Be safe before you do.

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Ivan Green, Editor of The Cannabis Radar, Nashville's very own award-winning cannabis journalist, wrote a blog post recently explaining the things people should know before buying Delta-8 products. A recent survey depicted that people don't know what Delta-8 really is, but they are still buying it to get high. Delta-8 THC has been turning heads this year for both recreational and medical purposes. Hence The Cannabis Radar released a blog post with all the information that people would need to get started with Delta-8.

Delta-8 vs. CBD: Delta-8 and CBD are very different. In fact, Delta-8 is more similar to Delta-9 than it is to CBD. While Delta-8 THC binds endocannabinoid, CBD does not, which causes the high. So in comparing the two, CBD products are ideal if people don't want to get high. However, for a mild high, Delta-8 is ideal.

Delta-8 may be a THC, but it is not like Delta-9 THC. Matt Baum at Ministry of Hemp said, "Delta-8 is like the less potent & less psychoactive brother of weed, that doesn't get you anxiety if you take too much." The first-time effect of Delta-8 varies from one user to the next. People should wait for one hour before redosing and they should always start small. 

Consumers should be aware that Delta-8 shows up on the drug test. For urinal tests, it may show up between 1-6 weeks after taking it, depending on the human being and level of usage. To avoid failing a drug test, The Cannabis Radar advises discontinuing the usage several weeks before the test. Regular water intake will also hasten the metabolic process and help flush it out.

The best way to take Delta-8 THC will depend on the consumers' goal. Delta-8 can be taken by vaping, edibles & tinctures. Vaping Delta-8 THC has the best bioavailability and edibles the lowest.

The Cannabis Radar recommends asking brands a lot of questions before buying Delta-8 products. People should also check the lab reports, and look at the type of extraction used to make the products. Their favorite producer of Delta-8 is Exhale Wellness; they ranked them #1 on their Delta-8 brand list.

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