5 Star Banquets In Delhi- What Makes Them So Preferred?

Delhi is a popular wedding destination and those who have the capacity to spend prefer to host their wedding at 5 star banquet halls more when compared to farmhouses and boutique hotels. Let's take an inside look at the reasons and benefits.

5 star hotels in Delhi are becoming increasingly popular for weddings, non wedding functions and other special occasions among Delhites and people from outside Delhi who plan their events in the capital city of India.

There are several 5 star banquets in Delhi that host stupendously fantastic wedding functions that not only ensure comfort and convenience, but also assure that your guests stay happy and take back wonderful memories about the exquisite wedding, the magnificent decor, and flawless arrangement.

A shift from farmhouses to 5 star banquets in Delhi
The trend of gathering hoards of people for a wedding is gradually fading away and people now prefer to invite only the important and the elite. Farmhouses gained a lot of impetus earlier owing to the fact that the royal, exterior dcor and huge gathering gave them a princely feel at their wedding. Moreover, it was then easier to invite anybody and everybody at one single function and oblige them. Gradually, with the increasing costs, shrinking budgets and finicky disposition of the people, the hosts started preferring inviting only those who are more important rather than all the contacts and acquaintances. And as the number of invitees shrunk, the choice of venue became finer. From huge yet cheap wedding venues, people shifted more towards 5 star banquet halls that are not only designed more sophisticated but are surely more comforting and stylish.

Availability based
When many 5 star hotels and banquets were not available in Delhi, people were fine with organizing a wedding event at community halls, temple complexes, standard banquets and farm houses and gardens. Gradually, as more and more 5 star banquets got introduced in Delhi, people cannot refrain from booking a luxury wedding venue. However, when there were no options, they were happy with whatever options they had. But why wouldnt you book a 5 star banquet for a wedding when you have the resources and the venue is also available?

Chasing the Trends
When some of your acquaintances invite you to a wedding that is hosted in a 5 star banquet hall and you have a gala time at the luxury venue, enjoying all the luxurious ceremonies and delectable catering amidst the posh and stylish ambiance, why wouldnt you want to do the same for your own or your kids wedding?

The trends for wedding venues in Delhi have been ever changing. But the present vogue is one of the genteel, modish and orderly. There are fewer arrangement hassles and very less scope for goof ups.


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