What Makes Wedding Farmhouses in Delhi a Sought-after Option?

Wedding farmhouses in Delhi gradually picked up pace and have become the most sought-after option among all wedding venues by now. Read on to find out the reasons for their indomitable popularity.

Weddings were once restricted to homes and temples and slowly shifted to community halls and dharamshalas. With more upcoming trends moving towards fancy weddings; professional wedding venues came into play. Soon, several banquet halls, hotels and farmhouses mushroomed up but among all, wedding farmhouses in Delhi became more and more popular with time.

Reasons for the growing popularity of farmhouses:
Scope for creativity and uniqueness
A wedding farmhouse looks unique and different every time new decor is applied upon. This makes them exclusive and creative with every event. People don't want their wedding event to look similar to someone else's; hence they prefer wedding farmhouses in Delhi. There are several themes to chose from for a wedding and people get unlimited scope for creativity and choose among a royal wedding, a chic and stylish wedding, a vintage wedding set up or a destination mock-up with the help of sets and designs.

Weather-proof wedding venue
Farmhouses are often called weather-proof venues as they are equally good during summers and winters. No matter how sizzling Delhi summers are and how harsh the winters in Delhi could be, farmhouses stand out to be the best option for weddings. Unless we talk about monsoons, of course!

For open-air winter weddings, Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR provide hearths and grates to keep the venue warm and guests comfortable. This also adds to the ambiance of the wedding venue. During summers, huge fans are installed in the lawns and the grass is freshly watered before the event for the mud scent to fill the venue, ensuring there is no gloop and slime for the guests to trot around.

Choosing a green theme
Weddings in farmhouses are closer to nature. Various trees, shrubs and flora are well planted in most farmhouses to bring about nature effect. Trees when draped with LED lights create a beautiful effect and so do plants, hedges and bushes. People love the greenery around, no matter it's a day affair or an evening wedding and a farmhouse gives you all the freedom to embrace the greenery during the wedding. The wedding photographs also come out amazing in a natural environment.

Farm houses for Wedding in Delhi have contributed a lot towards better looking, better feeling weddings in Delhi and this is the reason for their tremendous popularity among Delhites. If the idea of hosting a wedding at a farmhouse still doesn't interest you much, you can choose among banquet halls, 5 star hotels and AC banquet halls in Delhi for your wedding day.