4MedPlus Partners With MediVisum© for Comprehensive Telehealth Training Program

4MedPlus Accredited Online Education for Healthcare Professionals

4MedPlus, online continuing education, is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with MediVisum Telehealth Solutions, a leading provider of advanced telehealth technology. Through this new partnership, 4MedPlus has developed a comprehensive telehealth training program with a mock telehealth platform lesson to enhance the learner experience.​

Telehealth has seen an unprecedented rise in importance in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This explosive adoption is expected to level off as we move past the pandemic, but by then, telehealth will be a well-established component of care delivery. Understanding that a new model of healthcare is emerging, 4MedPlus continues to grow their training catalog with pragmatic, accredited online courses to improve technology skills across the healthcare continuum.

The new, accredited 4MedPlus Certificate of Telehealth Skills Proficiency course (CTHSP) and optional value bundle offer learners a comprehensive and pragmatic understanding of this expanding area in medicine. As new roles in healthcare administration and service emerge, 4MedPlus understands the importance of creating uniform technology training.

“By helping 4MedPlus educate a burgeoning workforce of skilled telehealth coordinators and clinicians,” said Jim Tate, Chief Product Officer at MediVisum, “we continue our mission to provide meaningful support for ongoing advancement in healthcare. We know that telehealth and remote care delivery provide real opportunities to improve engagement, patient outcomes and overall practice effectiveness. The program being offered by 4MedPlus will make for much smoother workflow integrations and process management going forward.”

"We are excited to have the opportunity to work with MediVisum as we expand our educational partnerships and tap HealthIT industry leaders," said Wendy Whitmore, Chief Learning Officer for the 4MedPlus Corporation. “The talented team at MediVisum provides an unmatched knowledge resource as we navigate this important and dynamic area of professional training”.

About 4MedPlus:

The 4MedPlus Corporation was launched nearly a decade ago to meet the educational needs of busy professionals across the healthcare continuum. The unique modular training method, delivered through self-paced online programs, provides learners with a platform to meet compliance requirements, improve employment opportunities and address increasing professional demands. For more information, visit: https://www.4medtrainingcatalog.com/about-us

About Medivisum:

MediVisum provides HIPAA compliant, on-demand video conferencing solutions that enable providers and healthcare practitioners to conduct personal face-to-face interactions with patients remotely. Our solutions enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of any practice and enable providers to extend care beyond the walls of their practice. For more information, visit: https://www.medivisum.com/

Source: 4MedPlus Corporation