4me Takes Service Management to a Whole New Level by Providing Complete Control of Service Cost and Quality

4me dashboard

With the latest enhanced service cost tracking capabilities, 4me® offers The Complete Service Management Platform. On a per-service basis, 4me can now provide real-time cost information that is accurate, comprehensive and insightful, allowing business leaders to assess the business value of each service.

In this rapidly changing digital world, many enterprises find it more and more complex to control the ever-increasing portfolio of digital services they rely on. This is where 4me, recently recognized as Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice for ITSM tools, can make a real difference. 4me offers the complete service management platform that enables seamless collaboration while providing full visibility and complete control of the cost and quality of all digital enterprise services, whether internally or externally provided.

Tracking cost per service
Aside from tracking service quality, tracking service cost is crucial to determine the true business value of a service. Organizations typically use their finance system to break down their cost into the cost of labor and the assets acquired, such as software licenses, physical machines or subscriptions. But this cost information does not become meaningful to management until it has been broken down by service. Only then can management see whether the cost of a service is roughly in line with the value it provides. This is where 4me can help.

Service cost tracking is often the missing link between IT service quality and business value
Most IT organizations can report on IT service quality and detail IT budgets along departmental or asset lines, but ideally, the IT service management (ITSM) or enterprise service management (ESM) application should also be able to provide senior management with an overview of the cost of each service that the organization makes available to its employees. These services are, after all, the tools that the employees rely on to be successful, and a lot of money is spent on them. In practice, it often proves difficult, if not impossible, to extract the actual cost of each individual service from existing systems.

4me bridges the gap
4me bridges the great divide between IT service and corporate finance with a user-friendly IT financial management capability that was built into its ITSM/ESM solution from the start. It took all those years to perfect this functionality which is now available to all 4me customers. On a per-service basis, 4me provides real-time cost information that allows business leaders to get a complete overview of all the services they make available, how much they cost and how satisfied the employees are with each service.

4me CEO Cor Winkler Prins: "This functionality is new to customers and not generally available from service management systems. We are now able to give complete visibility of costs per service and tie that to service quality. It provides senior management actionable reporting that helps them decide where to allocate the available resources in order to maximize the return on their digital transformation investments."

Complete overview in an easy-to-read dashboard
The 4me dashboard provides a clear overview with valuable real-time information, broken down by service. Is the SLA being met, how do users rate a particular service, what is the cost per service, and is there a compliance risk? All this information is now available at a glance for management to determine the business value of each service and take appropriate action where necessary. This puts senior management in complete control of service cost and quality.

Find out more
Visit 4me.com for more information. How the 4me service management solution is able to generate such valuable cost information without requiring any tool customization is explained in 4me's recently published white paper 'Service Cost Tracking', which is available at https://www.4me.com/white-papers.

About 4me - The Complete Service Management Platform
4me® combines ITSM with ESM and SIAM capabilities, enabling all internal departments, such as IT, HR, and Facilities, as well as external managed service providers, to work seamlessly with each other. At the same time, 4me provides complete visibility and control of service cost and quality, enabling management to optimize the business value derived from each service.

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