4me Announces SailPoint Integration

4me announces a new integration between its cloud-based IT service management (ITSM) solution and the identity and access management (IAM) system of SailPoint. This new integration product is called the 4me SailPoint Connector. It provides a real-time integration between 4me's workflow capabilities and SailPoint's application access provisioning functionality.

Martijn Adams, Chief Customer Officer at 4me, Inc., is excited with yet another powerful integration into the 4me platform: "Organizations that already use both solutions, or are looking for an integrated solution for service management and application access management, can now provide their people with a single web portal for all requests. They no longer need to explain to everyone that, when they need access to one of the organization's applications, they have to go to another portal than the one they use to submit all other IT-related requests, questions and incidents."

This integration gives everyone in the organization a much better experience interacting with the IT department. They now have a single portal for all requests, including access management requests. - 
Martijn Adams, Chief Customer Officer at 4me

With this integration, enterprise employees can use 4me Self Service to request access to any application connected to the IAM software. The workflow engine of 4me then ensures that all the necessary approvals are collected. Once the access request has been approved, the correct access rights are then provisioned automatically by IdentityNow. This eliminates mistakes in providing access and improving request handling efficiency. It also ensures that the employees can use 4me Self Service for all their requests and do not need to access a separate portal when they need access to their organization's application services.

The connector was created and is maintained by Joost-IT, one of 4me's partners. They built several continuity measures into the connector to ensure services continue to work after updates of the applications managed by IdentityNow or network outages.

Stephen Ley, Managing Partner at Joost-IT: "4me and SailPoint are both dedicated to making service organizations more efficient, by creating solutions that integrate common services in one single platform. It only makes sense to integrate them. Our solution is created to require only a single setup moment. After that, any changes in roles or profiles in IdentityNow are automatically available within the 4me environment."

4me is a cloud-based enterprise service management application supporting the Service Integration and Management (SIAM) approach. It allows all parties involved in the delivery of services to work together intuitively and securely. 4me enables seamless collaboration across organizational boundaries and offers each organization real-time tracking of the service levels it provides to its customers, as well as agreements it relies on from external providers. Visit www.4me.com, contact info@4me.com or Aimée Hoskens at aimee.hoskens@4me.com.

Joost-IT is a consultancy company that moves at the interface of IT Tooling and Agile Service Management. They help their customers with new releases, changes in functionalities, upgrades and integrations with several tools. Visit www.joost-it.nl.

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