Highlands College Receives $4,000 Donation From Rick & Bubba Fundraiser

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On Wednesday, President Mark Pettus of Highlands College, a biblical higher education institution located in Birmingham, was presented a check from the Rick & Bubba Show’s Charity Charge sponsored by Buffalo Wild Wings. Every month, a Rick & Bubba staff member selects a philanthropic organization which will benefit from the fundraiser. Michael “Helmsey” Helms, one of six members of the popular talk radio show, is also a Highlands College evening student. Helmsey chose Highlands College to benefit from the Charity Charge to share the eternal impact graduates of Highlands College are making around the world.  

“Very few times in life do you get an opportunity to mix such daily environments for an eternal cause that you know is advancing the Kingdom of God. These two organizations are a great fit for the ultimate goal of fulfilling the Great Commission. It’s truly a privilege to be partnering with Highlands College,” Helmsey said. 

The fundraiser took place May 13 at all Birmingham and Tuscaloosa Buffalo Wild Wings locations. Highlands College received 10 percent of the proceeds for all food purchased on that day. Tim Spencer, director of operations for the Southern Wings Inc. Group of Buffalo Wild Wings, proudly announced on the Rick & Bubba Show that the Charity Charge has donated over $31,000 to its recipients since the fundraiser’s start in October 2018. Highlands College received a $4,000 donation thanks to everyone who participated last month. 

The money raised will contribute to Highlands College’s ongoing Eternal Impact Campaign, a comprehensive initiative that will fund a tuition endowment, making it possible for 1,000 leaders to be trained every year, as well as provide funding to renovate the Grandview Campus, future home to the college. The Phase I goal is $100 million. 

The Eternal Impact Campaign is seeking to fulfill a vision never been done before. Highlands College is paving the way for a new outlook on higher education thanks to the support of Rick & Bubba and the Buffalo Wild Wings Charity Charge. 

“Highlands College sees the gap that Jesus spoke of in Luke 10:2 and we believe it is our mission to fill this gap,” said Pettus.

Highlands College is a biblical higher education institution that exists to supply the church with leaders of character to fulfill the Great Commission. For additional information, visit highlandscollege.com.

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