Highlands College Students Compete in All-Day Obstacle Course Race

This past weekend, Highlands College students competed in a grueling obstacle course race called "Expedition". This 10-mile-long obstacle course race took students between 7-9 hours to complete. Challenging an individual’s physical and mental toughness, Expedition obstacles resemble a “Tough Mudder” experience with participants crawling under a barbed-wire fence, scaling a 15-foot wall, and much more. Students are grouped into teams and must conquer all stations, together, as a team. This all-day event was exhausting but pushed students beyond their own limits and expectations.

“The bond with my teammates is something I’ll never forget. During Expedition, you experience mental and physical walls, but it’s motivating to know that you’re overcoming it all as a team. You push through because you’ve got people on either side of you encouraging you to finish, which is so much more powerful than accomplishing something alone.” – Hamid Al-Dlaigan, leader of the winning team.  

Highlands College staff intentionally make Expedition a challenging experience for students. Overcoming extreme obstacles uncovers an inner determination to push through and not quit. This grit is not only beneficial during the competition, but also in life. The lessons learned during Expedition alter students' perspectives when facing difficult situations, long after they graduate.

"My Expedition experience taught me to rely on and trust others more, then and now. This experience pushed me out of my comfort zone. I am a better leader today because of how I developed during Expedition years ago." - Blake Martin, a May 2019 graduate who is now working in full-time ministry at Church of the Highlands

Highlands College has a holistic training approach that focuses on the overall development of its students. One specific area of training students receive is character formation. Highlands College challenges students to live a life of excellence through living a healthy, active lifestyle and to grow their leadership abilities. Students also develop a Christ-like character through time spent in relationships with peers. Events, like Expedition, set students in team environments where they learn how to persevere through difficult circumstances together.

"A huge win from Expedition is how it brings the entire student body together. Because they are competing on teams, there is an emphasis on the commitment to relationships. Working as a team results in a deeper feeling of accomplishment than if they were to cross the finish line alone." – President Mark Pettus 

Highlands College is a biblical higher education institution that exists to supply the church with leaders of character to fulfill the Great Commission. For additional information, visit highlandscollege.com.

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