2ndPassports.com Introduces Its World Citizenship/Residency Program Index

It has never been easier for wealthy individuals from areas like Africa, Asia and the Middle East to gain life-changing second citizenship or residency to a Western country.

Citizenship Program Index

Today, virtually every nation in the EU as well as countries like the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand offers a citizenship or residency by investment program, and now 2ndPassports.com’s World Citizenship/Residency Program Index gives prospective customers an “at-a-glance” instant assessment of the best of those programs.

If you are familiar with phrases like “Citizenship by Investment”, “Golden Visa” or “Passport Power”, chances are you will be only too aware of the phenomenon of second citizenship – i.e., the practice of gaining a second citizenship and a new passport, mainly practiced by wealthy individuals from third world countries. Not only is such a practice perfectly legal, it is actively encouraged, and almost every democratic nation in the world now offers such a program, including the UK, USA, Germany, and Russia.

Today, virtually every nation in the EU as well as countries like the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand offers a citizenship or residency by investment program

Anthony Miles, Business Development

Second Citizenship – Much More Than Just The Latest Fashion Accessory

Second citizenship and residence specialists 2ndPassports.com have been in business since 2004, and have witnessed first-hand the industry’s decade-long rise from a business once considered somewhat shady, to a practice as an open, popular and indeed fashionable among the wealthy as purchasing a new mansion, supercar or yacht.

Of course, while they might have the same €1.2 million price tag, there is a very big difference between a Bugatti Veyron and a Maltese passport when it comes to usefulness. If you hail from a nation like China, India, Iran, Afghanistan or Sierra Leone, you won’t be able to travel very far in that Bugatti without a briefcase full of visas.  However, if you are packing that Malta passport you will be able to cruise around the Schengen Area unhindered, drive the length and breadth of the Americas, much of Africa, the Far East and finish up in Australia, all without the need of a visa.

The number one reason foreign investors from outside the EU spend serious money on a second citizenship or an investor visa program is to gain citizenship to a European country, become the owner of a correspondingly powerful passport, and enjoy the freedom and work-related benefits that such an investment brings.

An EU passport has access to an average of 160 countries without the need of a visa. An EU citizen has the right to live and work without limitation in any other country in the European Union. Needless to say, for an intelligent, hard-working individual with big ambitions who has previously been held back by their nationality, to suddenly be able to produce a legal, bonafide passport of a country like Austria, Cyprus, Malta, Portugal or even Germany or the UK with their name on it is a complete game-changer, to say the very least. 

But it’s not just EU countries that are offering such enticing programs. 2ndPassports.com’s World Citizenship/Residency Program Index reveals that nations like the USA and Canada have very popular programs, as do Caribbean island paradises like St. Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda, countries also famous also for their status as tax havens.

The Five Crucial Factors

The World Citizenship/Residency Program Index ranks the programs of almost 30 countries including the UK, France, the US, Germany as well as Brazil, Ireland, Nicaragua, and Turkey. The ranking is based on five crucial factors – a program’s VALUE, it’s ease of PROCESSING, its SIMPLICITY, The POWER of its passport, and the QUALITY OF LIFE such a program provides an investor.

Needless to say, the index shows in detail which countries are offering the best overall programs, and also throws up some surprising revelations, with unheralded nations often outperforming major powerhouse economies in some categories.

However, the real beauty of 2ndPassports.com’s World Citizenship/Residency Program Index is that it offers curious would-be foreign investors an “at-a-glance” instant assessment of which citizenship and residency programs currently score highest, offer the best value, and provide the most powerful passport for their particular budget, and therefore this index could prove to be the catalyst that results in an investor taking that first vital first step of the process of gaining that life-changing, door-opening and freedom-giving second passport.

Source: 2ndPassports.com