2Love Today Mixers 'Off Line' Dating

2Love Today Mixers

Allen Spindel, creator of 2Love Today Mixers, opens the doors to singles who want to meet in person through its Mixers, powered by Janis Spindel and Carly Spindel.  

Everybody will have submitted a private membership application for the 2Love Today team’s eyes only. It’s confidential and totally secure. The application currently has no fee. The private application allows each person to make sure they get on the Mixers Party member guest list. Not everyone will be approved. When they submit the application and are approved, that completes the membership.

The events are basic networking, for love not business, as our net is wider than yours. We teach you how to expand your network to meet new men and women. In fact, my next launches are Gay Love Today Mixers and Lesbian Love Today Mixers. We have matchmaking recruiters in every city that introduce us to fabulous new men and women on a daily basis.

Janis Spindel, President & CEO

Once members have submitted an application and have been approved, there will be no charge for the invite-only Mixers. Members must RSVP first and then are given the venue location. Events will be held initially in New York City.

Membership includes complimentary attendance to all Mixers, participation in our Ice Breaker, Dates Arranged and A Night Out Programs.

The first Mixer will be held the week of Valentine's Day, February 2018.  

2Love Today Mixers is a place where people who wouldn’t be caught dead doing this meet others who wouldn’t consider it if their lives depended on it.

“As COO for Janis Spindel since 1993, I have decided to use the SmartMatchApp, the modern professional matchmaking CRM that was developed by Tim Mourzatov. They won the 2017 iDate best new technology award. It’s perfect for my hybrid matchmaking and mixers,” Allen announces.

Source: 2Love Today Mixers