25karats.com's 365-Day Ring Guarantee A Success For Valentine's Day

The guarantee, launched by the online diamond retailer in 2013, is set to increase engagement ring sales and customer satisfaction in time for Valentine's Day.

25karats.com – a leading online retailer of exquisite engagement rings, wedding bands, and other diamond jewelry – launched a revolutionary 365-day guarantee in October 2013.  With this guarantee, customers could upgrade a diamond engagement ring’s setting within a year - without having to pay for a new diamond.

Since the guarantee’s launch, 25karats.com has seen a 10% increase in engagement ring sales, making this a remarkable success for the Manhattan-based online retailer.

Believe in finest!

Naz Aksu, Marketing Director

In addition to increased sales, customer feedback has been praising the guarantee, which is the first of its kind.  Women are thrilled that they don’t have to rush the engagement ring decision, while men feel less pressured to get the ring absolutely perfect on the first try.

“We knew that our guarantee would be popular; we just didn’t know how popular,” says Naz Aksu, Marketing Director of 25karats.com.  “Our guarantee really hits home with our customers, as it gave them the space and time they needed to find the truly perfect ring that represents their relationship.

“Plus, brides don’t have to be worried that they won’t get the diamond ring of their dreams!” Aksu adds with a laugh.

Customers can pick the center diamond on the engagement ring from 25karats.com’s extensive collection of GIA and EGL certified diamonds.  After this step, clients can choose from a number of selective designer solitaire rings with gorgeous settings. Once the order is placed, 25karats.com will create the customer’s ring within five business days and ship it to the client.  If the bride doesn’t like the ring, she can upgrade to the ring of her choice.

All promotional rings come with a certificate showing the expiration date and total price paid for the original ring.  Because the 365-day guarantee uses the center diamond that has already been purchased, customers only have to pay the difference for the upgrade ring.  There’s no restocking fee either, which makes this upgrade guarantee a hassle-free and affordable approach to finding the perfect engagement ring.

25karats.com has recently added more than 50 new designs to their engagement ring collections, just in time for Valentine’s Day.  The new designs include three stone, solitaire, pave, and halo engagement ring settings.

“If you’re planning on proposing for Valentine’s Day, try out our guarantee,” says Aksu.  “We’ll ensure your love gets the ring she’s always wanted.”