25karats.com Announces The Launch Of New Facebook Fan Club

Fans of 25karats.com flood to Facebook to share unique diamond ring stories, upload photos, enter sweepstakes, get special deals - and just have fun!

When you get that perfect engagement ring from your sweetheart, you want the world to know exactly how you feel - and social media is the fastest way to spread your exciting news. From family members to friends and everyone in between, you can share and discuss the most exciting and romantic moment of your life.

And now 25karats.com can join your journey thanks to the launch of a new Facebook fan page!

Fans of 25karats.com know just how committed the brand is to an exceptional and enjoyable customer service experience. The launch of 25karats' new Facebook fan page is a continuation of that mission to provide every client with a forum to discuss their new engagement/wedding rings, upload and share photos with other fans and even enter fun sweepstakes and exciting giveaways that promise to make their wedding day even more memorable. Facebook members can even access 25karats' wide array of expert articles, advice and gift-giving ideas, which will take the mystery out of subjects like men's wedding rings, caring for your engagement ring and even spectacular proposal ideas.

For those fans who can't get enough of sharing their happy engagement news, a discussion forum gives 25karats' customers the opportunity to connect and share their stories with other fans, creating a close-knit 25karats community that will be there for your wedding journey from start to finish.

Members of 25karats.com Facebook page can also voice opinions about their engagement/wedding rings and speak to experts who friendly, cheerful and accommodating. It's also a great fan page for your groom-to-be, as it offers him a simple one-stop shop to de-mystify the ABCs of engagement ring shopping - perfect for that uncertain man in your life!

And don't forget that only Facebook fans of 25karats.com get special access to the deals and discounts exclusively created for them!

Grab a sneak peek at 25karats' new Facebook page and join up with customers who care just as much about high-quality diamonds at exceptional prices as you do. With a community like this on Facebook, you'll never feel left out in the cold by your jeweler again!