"2 Pack": A Clever New Packaging Concept for Cigarettes That Securely Seals Two Cigarettes Together for Public Sale

Smokers alert! When money for a full pack of cigarettes is not in your pocket or wallet the new 2 Pack is an affordable solution.  The 2 Pack is a clever new packaging concept for cigarettes that securely seals two cigarettes together for public sale. The design intent is to provide smokers with a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a more expensive pack of cigarettes. In addition, three sets of individually wrapped 2 Pack's would be offered for sale in easily affordable hard-pack, six-packs.

With the 2 Pack, smokers have the option of purchasing just a couple of cigarettes instead of an entire pack. Designed for one-time use, the 2 Pack package consists of a thin, clear plastic film housing the two cigarettes. The cigarettes are placed side by side inside the plastic envelope and the package is sealed at each end to keep the cigarettes fresh until use. Approximately one inch (1”) down from the top is a handy, easy open pull string for accessing the contents. Appropriate for any cigarette from Kings to 100s, this product is an attractive, cost saving packaging alternative for existing brands. In addition, six-packs of cigarettes containing three sets of wrapped 2 Packs in each hard pack (equaling 6 cigarettes) are equally reasonable price wise. The 2 Pack offers a more user-friendly and affordable means of packaging, managing and purchasing cigarettes.

ThePatent Pending 2 Pack was invented by DaeArtis Halliburton of Springfield, IL who said, “I was sitting in my car one night and wanted to smoke a cigarette—but I did not have enough money to buy a pack. That was when I realized how many smokers, just like me, would benefit from being able to purchase a 2 Pack.  It will enhance brand loyalty and will be effective on a multinational level.”

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