159 Best Custom Software Development Companies to Hire in 2019

In the pool of custom software development companies, ThinkMobiles, which is a marketing research company that was established in 2011, has hand-picked 159 of the best custom software development companies that businesses can hire this year. ThinkMobiles’ list of best custom software development companies is aimed to help businesses that need software application designs in order to propel their business goals forward more robustly.

It was after much research and data gleaning that ThinkMobiles curated its 159 of the best custom software development companies list. The criteria taken into account when making this list includes how the company positions itself, its notable projects, clients, services and competencies.

The custom software development companies have outstanding track records in the designing, developing and delivering of custom software – whether it's precision and target-orientated or the off-the-shelf kind of software. Some companies may need off-the-shelf products, but to really be effective, more and more companies are seeking custom software development that involves the process of conceiving, specifying, designing, programming, documenting, testing and bug-fixing involved in creating and maintaining applications, frameworks or other software components that take into account a company’s specific requirements, goals and ethos. Many businesses are now aware that, if they are to grow exponentially, being flexible yet planned is valuable, and they have to implement the right technology solution from the beginning.

ThinkMobiles’ top five best custom software development companies, from its list of 159, serve as examples of how these companies are a great fit for businesses – with 159 options to choose from, one is spoiled for choice.

The first company is the NYC-based company Ezetech, which was established in 2015 with the company focusing on building a long-term partnership with startups, offering the best business-oriented team, the best practices and close interactions with customers.

In second comes Merixstudio, which is a prominent full-stack software development company. Having been founded 20 years ago, this company also operates as a software testing company and a web development company using HTML5/CSS3.

MojoTech takes third place in this list – a software development company established in 2008. Its services include product discovery and design sprint and product management and strategy. 

In fourth place is Caxy Interactive – founded in 1999, this company specializes in collaborations with nonprofit industries, organizations and startups. DCSL Software is in fifth place. The U.K.-based software development company was established in 1994 and has gained a cardinal reputation in the software development industry.

The top five best custom software development companies in our list of 159 chosen custom software development companies should give an idea about what to look for when a business intends to hire one to meet its requirements. In that light, this ThinkMobiles’ 159 best custom software development companies list is of great assistance.

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