List of 17 Best Backup Software Products for April 2019

The IT research and marketing company that’s known for its highly informative and exhaustive technology articles and blogs, ThinkMobiles, has listed 17 of the Best Backup Software for April 2019. The compilation is a product of careful analysis and will greatly be of help to those looking into getting backup software that fulfills their specific and general requirements.

Backup software is defined as a computer program that performs a backup function, whereby it creates supplementary exact copies of files, databases or entire computers. When data loss occurs, backup software steps in to restore the original content by using the supplementary copies. A backup means the operation of backing up information, where the backup happens by the act of copying an archive file of a computer that’s readily in secondary storage. When data loss occurs, the lost data can be recovered this way.

Data backup is used to save files that are important in the case of a system crash or hard drive failure. Additional data backups are essential because original backups can succumb to hard drive malfunction, data corruption or natural or man-made disasters. Hence, backup software is vital to restore or keep data just in case.

ThinkMobiles' 17 of the best backup software products list was compiled after thorough research on the available backup software marketplace.

CloudAlly's backup software comes in first place on the list -- a cloud-integrated backup used to backup important information from a variety of sources. It’s a smart system of planning and reporting that lets you plan for regular backup creation and be notified of the operations’ success.

Next, comes, Paragon Hard Disk Manager, a product from one of the leading companies in solutions for backup and recovery, Paragon Software. With a feature-rich interface, this program has a whole host of operations that are enabled for backup creation and management for many types of content, and it also supports numerous types of media. 

Third place is bagged by Paragon Backup & Recovery. Only the paid version gets you a good set of features, like custom scheduling, defragmentation and a selection of different types of backup – the free downloadable version just has basic functions.

In fourth place is NovaBackup, local backup software that can only backup system images and files on the user’s local devices. Its key features include backup software for PCs, laptops, servers, networks, the cloud, USA support teams, etc.

Iperius Backup comes in fifth place. In addition to having key storage and synchronization options on a multitude of devices, this software is portable and lightweight, with its pros being prompt data backup creation and numerous specific restoring modes.

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